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Big Belly

Find out what is happening in Times Square to help the environment.

Big Belly

Times Square is implementing the city’s largest pilot in public space recycling in an attempt to significantly change New York’s behavior around recycling. With nearly 500,000 visitors a day, Times Square generates nearly 15,300 pounds or 900 bags of garbage a day – more than any other New York City neighborhood. The pilot, which will bring 30 new BigBelly solar powered recycling bins to Times Square, has the power to encourage public space recycling with thousands daily visitors, impacting long-term behaviors and attitudes of New Yorkers towards recycling in the city.

New York City and the Times Square Alliance, in partnership with BigBelly Solar and funded by Alcoa Foundation, unveiled the solar-powered waste & recycling stations in Times Square on March 14, 2013.

The stations, manufactured by BigBelly Solar, will channel solar energy to compact garbage on-site and will be able to hold five times the capacity of traditional sidewalk trash receptacles. Both the trash and recycling receptacles can also be remotely monitored, enabling staff to only send out collection personnel when they are required. This added capacity will prevent the need for constant emptying of the receptacles and eliminate overflows, thereby reducing transportation and labor costs while effectively curbing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent. The city estimates it will save $ a year with the compactors, which were bought due to a $250,000 grant from the Alcoa Foundation.

The city will launch this program by installing 30 of the high-tech stations in Times Square along Seventh Avenue and Broadway between 42nd and 47th Streets. The plan calls for additional solar-powered stations to be installed throughout Times Square.

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