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The Times Square Alliance is committed to ensuring that the Times Square area remains clean, safe and secure for residents, employees and visitors alike.


Seven days a week, more than 50 uniformed Times Square Alliance Sanitation Associates:

  • Sweep the sidewalks and curbsides.
  • Empty public litter baskets.
  • Remove graffiti.
  • Paint light poles, security gates, fire hydrants and newsstands.
  • Vacuum, scrub, wash and disinfect sidewalks
  • Collect and remove garbage bags using the Alliance's own sanitation truck.


Sanitation Statistics

View the garbage collection (.pdf) statistics compiled by the Times Square Alliance's Sanitation division, 2006-2010.



Public Safety

The Times Square Alliance's Public Safety Officers (PSOs), unarmed but fully trained, patrol the district on foot seven days a week. Alliance PSOs are linked by radio to the NYPD, and the results of this collaboration have been dramatic.

Times Square Crime Statistics

Click here for an overview of crime statistics (.pdf) in Times Square from 1993-2010.

Flash Bulletins

The Alliance regularly provides flash email bulletins, informing local businesses and residents of any important information or developments affecting Times Square.


 Canine Patrols

The Alliance has initiated regular patrols by bomb-sniffing canine units to provide an additional security presence and a highly visible deterrent. It has long been said that the Times Square Alliance's Public Safety Officers are the "eyes and ears" of the NYPD in Times Square - now, these canine units will serve as the "nose!"

Newsbox Checks

Public Safety Officers conduct regular newsbox checks for any suspicious materials.

Vehicle Bomb Security

The Alliance has taken several steps to guard against possible vehicle bombs, encouraging proactive security procedures for private security officers around the perimeters of their facilities.

Light Poles

The streets are brighter and safer since the Alliance installed a series of light poles to flood the sidewalks of the side streets with pools of light and illuminate landmark buildings.

Midtown Community Court

The Alliance is an active supporter and participant in the Midtown Community Court. Unique in the nation, this court handles only quality-of-life defendants: turnstile jumpers, graffiti artists, illegal peddlers, prostitutes and some small-time drug dealers. In addition to providing social services, the Court immediately assigns offenders to community service in Times Square and the neighboring residential community. The Alliance supervised 1,513 participants in 2009, supplementing its sanitation crews.

42nd Street Subway Station

In conjunction with the Metropolitan Transit Authority and Boston Properties, Alliance PSOs regulate the flow of pedestrian traffic into and out of bathroom at the 42nd Street Subway Station. This is the only bathroom in the entire MTA system supervised in this fashion.


Special Surveys

Alliance Public Safety Officers participate in regular surveys to monitor conditions in Times Square, including public lighting and street vendor presence. PSOs also speak regularly with owners and employees of ground-floor retail businesses to discuss problems, concerns and other important information. Alliance staff members have also participated in the Street to Home Initiative, a bi-annual survey designed by Common Ground to monitor the numbers of homeless people in the area.



If you would Report a public safety or quality-of-life issue in the Times Square district through our StreetWatch program.


Quarterly Indicator Reports

The Alliance's Quarterly Indicator Reports contains the latest safety and quality of life indicators and other information.