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Our team of 70 uniformed Sanitation Workers undertakes the task of keep Times Square clean and beautiful for over 300,000 daily visitors around the clock.


24/7, Times Square Sanitations works to:

  • Sweep the sidewalks and curbsides
  • Empty public litter baskets & solar powered recycle bins
  • Remove graffiti
  • Paint light poles, security gates, fire hydrants and newsstands
  • Vacuum, scrub, wash and disinfect sidewalks
  • Collect and remove garbage bags using the Alliance's own sanitation truck


Here are some statistics of the type of quality of life issues that they have addressed this year so far:

  • 114 Stickers on various properties in the district
  • 124 Instances of Graffiti
  • 51 Pieces of Damaged/Non-Functional Property (trash cans, phone booths, barricades, etc.)
  • 27 Instances of abandoned objects (vendor tables, bikes, etc

Photo Credit: David Katzenstein