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Create a brand presence in Times Square with street pole banners, Receptasigns and BigBellys in one of the most recognizable locations in the world. From print to TV and film, Times Square is a backdrop for thousands of scenes and millions of photos worldwide. Let us customize an advertising campaign for you.

For information contact:

Ellyn Bernstein
Senior Manager for Sales
(212) 452-5289


Street Pole Banners

With over 200 Street Pole Banners, located between 41st and 53rd Streets from 6th to 8th Avenues, and on Restaurant Row, our banners are photographed more than 100 million times per year in images disseminated across the globe in print, video, email, internet social networking websites and other media.



These four-sided receptacles offer a reasonably priced option for advertising events, products, exhibitions and more. Times Square has over 150 receptacles throughout the district.
ReceptaSigns Advertisment_Receptasign_Gazillion_150x200


BigBelly Recycling Bins

The 64" X 40" back rear panel, along with 2 side panels each, make a statement in the heart of the bowtie, 42nd Street and along 8th Avenue.
Solstice_BigBelly_Athleta_H200 Big Belly MM


* The “bowtie” refers to the area in Times Square where 7th Avenue intersects with Broadway between 42nd to 47th Streets.