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10% off Valentine's Day for the Rest of Us

Valid: 2/14/2013 - 2/14/2013

Changing love from a projection to an emanation.

Valentine's Day is thought to be a day for couples, but what about those of us who are single? Join us for this unique event that is especially tailored for those of us looking for connection, intimacy and sensuality. We will look at the unique desires, challenges and opportunities we have in our journey with the opposite sex. And then the fun starts as you are led through a series of beautiful and deep exercises that will connect and delight you!

Women have been a secretive puzzle for over 5,000 years. What can we learn and how can we approach the women that will enable them to be sensual, strong and attainable. Why is it we constantly "miss" something in our interactions. What is the secret language that women speak and how can we connect in a way that lights things up and turns things on for both genders? Come armed with questions, fears, and deep confusion as we'll unveil everything under the sun, romance, hot sex and crazy hormones.

Explore and discover the source of the beautiful woman inside of you and the abundant love that is always available for you to bask in. Come out from behind the veils that mask you, dip into your truest essence and shine your beautiful light. Life is so much fun from there, filled with pleasure, turn-on and unconditional love.

Thursday, February 14, 8pm

Price Value: $30 online, $40 walk-in (Get 10% off when you mention Times Square Alliance)

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