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10% of Language of Love: A Course for Couples

Valid: 2/16/2013 - 2/16/2013

Our words have real power. Simple words can turn into thunderous battles or be the ointment that heals. During this workshop you will discover your own healing ways to communicate.

What's underneath the requests that we make? Is it really a bouquet of roses you are looking ofr or are you seeking the appreciation you never received? Is it really three hours to watch a ball game that is your heart's desire, or the feeling that you haven't lost your independence? What does "you marry your parents" mean and why?
In this all day workshop, Paul and Christina will help couples to see how they can be in relationships to heal and then grow consciously. They will lead you to discover how your biggest battles are just a powerful expression of what needs to heal and how that can only be done within a loving and conscious relationship.

The love diad has the power to take you from your deepest pain to your most beautiful, strong and expressed self. We are here to share and grow together, not alone. What if the person sitting beside you right now had the power to make you whole just by loving you enough to listen? What if all they needed was to be there while you come to understand for yourself what you need? Learning how to be profoundly present with your beloved's needs has the potential to not only heal the past but create the ultimate loving relationship we are all longing for.

Saturday, February 16, 10am-5pm
$200/couple online, $250/couple walk-in
10% off if you mention Times Square Alliance

Reflections Center for Conscious Living
250 W 49th St, 2nd floor

Price Value: $10% off $200/couple online, $250/couple walk-in

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