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In addition to our own Annual and Monthly Reporting, the Times Square Alliance occasionally commissions stand-alone studies to learn more about the unique characteristics of our district, our visitors, our employees, and our residents. Below are the Alliance's recent key reports:


Times Square Signage Market Research

This survey of almost 2,000 people in Times Square explains why Times Square is such a distinctive and extraordinarily effective advertising environment, producing remarkable positive associations and recall with advertising.

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Economic Impact of Times Square

Times Square is a small space of enormous consequence. Though it comprises only 0.1% of New York City’s land area, Times Square supports 10% of the city’s jobs and generates 11% of its economic output. With over 170,000 workers, 17,000+ hotel rooms, and 29 million SF of office space, the district is a major commercial, retail and entertainment center.

Together with HR&A, Inc., the Alliance has produced a 2011 report outlining Times Square’s economic impact. Check out a full report of how Times Square contributes to the New York economy. Browse historic data in the 2007 report.

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Times Square Retail Study Update

Times Square is much more than just tourists: the greater area contains huge employee and residential populations that come to the district daily.

Together with HR&A, Inc., the Alliance has produced a report outlining the demographics and growing spending potential of these largely untapped markets. View the complete 2011 report. Also view an earlier report by ERA in 2004.

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Times Square Market One-Pager

View this concise summary of key facts about the Times Square employee/residential market, drawn from both reports above.

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