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Say Anything with Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band, Fake Problems, and Tallhart at Times Square

1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 930-1950
Fax: (212) 930-1949
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Type: Music & Concerts

We have existed since Coby started playing drums over the horrible songs I wrote about girls while attending high school in Los Angeles, California. Being the egomaniacal singer type, I proceeded to kick out and\or drive away pretty much anyone else who joined the band, so there were a ton of lineup changes, yet somehow Coby and I ended up selling a lot of our self released\recorded cd. Soon, all these strange children started to repeatedly attend our live shows and tell their friends until we garnered a motley crew of a fan base.

Being fresh faced teenagers, as well as the fact that we were playing with bands like the Promise Ring (and, like, Rooney), it wasn't a surprise that all these big scary labels saw us as a safe bet and tried to get us to sell our souls to them. Thus, I decided we needed to make "respectable" music.

Finally, one night, it hit me. THAT was what my record had to be about: the artistic struggle, the fact that every creative person has this sick ambition to affect some sort of change in society with their art, to be more than just a guy in a band or a poet or a sculptor. I couldn't decide if this ambition was a good or bad thing but I decided to parody that overzealous drive in human beings by crafting a truly over the top musical about...myself. The songs were jam packed with fairly blatant nods to bands I dig (Queen, Saves the Day, Pavement, Faith No More, Fugazi, etc).

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