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Zebra at Times Square

237 W 42nd St
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 997-4144
Fax: (212) 997-4545
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Type: Music & Concerts

Randy Jackson, vocals & guitar
Felix Hanemann, bass & keyboards
Guy Gelso, drums

One of the most exciting musical events of the '80s was the breakout success of Zebra, as they rose from regional popularity to national recognition. Their 1983 self-titled debut sounded more like an experienced mid-career production than a first effort. Generating a groundswell of media and popular support, the LP became one of rock radio's most-played albums and remained on the national charts for eight months. Such stand-out tracks as "Who's Behind the Door?" (which went gold) and "Tell Me What You Want" became and have remained video as well as audio favorites. This first release proved to be the fastest-selling rock album in the history of Atlantic Records!

Zebra's second album, No Tellin' Lies (1984), found the band tapping their potential in a variety of new areas. The trio sought to encompass a wide range of moods and expanded their sonic array by using state-of-the-art digital keyboard instruments, with songs ranging from the hard-rocking sounds of "Wait Until the Summer's Gone" to the Beatle-esque ballad "Lullabye." With the release of their third Atlantic effort, 3.V (1986), Zebra took their career one step further: the album's credits read "Produced by Randy Jackson and Zebra," signaling that, for the very first time, the group had gained complete control of its creative output. Most characteristic of the band's sound, 3.V is also Zebra's most cohesive effort to date. A collection of the finest songs they have ever written and the biggest-sounding album they had made, 3.V clearly shows Zebra's lasting power and originality. From the outset, Zebra has created music out of contrast and diversity, from massive walls of electronic sounds to lyrical acoustic moods. With this third album, they made their intentions clearer, their stance stronger, and their message more eloquent.

Zebra Live (1990), the band's fourth record release, was the group's answer to their fans' decade-long request for a live release. Capturing the band's energy and power on stage, the disc contains live versions of hits from previous releases and also features the previously unreleased "Last Time" and Led Zeppelin's "The Ocean." Most recently, the band released Zebra IV in 2003 to much critical acclaim. Today, Zebra continues to meet the constant demand for their live shows, consistently delivering knock-out performances that remind audiences why this band is still rocking after almost 30 years.