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Possessed at Times Square

237 W 42nd St
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 997-4144
Fax: (212) 997-4545
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Type: Music & Concerts

Possessed started in 1983 as a San Francisco garage band with guitarist Mike Torrao and drummer Mike Sus. When the two managed to recruit singer and bassist Jeff Becerra, they formed the band Possessed. Together with second guitarist Brian Montana, the group started perfecting its own brand of metal, which was the precursor to modern death metal - fast, savage riffs, warp-speed drums, mile-a-second solos, and raspy, growled vocals. Possessed soon took San Francisco's metal scene by storm, playing with fellow Bay Area thrashers Exodus.

After guitarist Larry Lalonde replaced Montana, the group signed with Combat Records in 1985 and quickly released the heaviest, fastest, most evil piece of metal ever to be carved into vinyl grooves: Seven Churches. This is the album that set the standard for death metal. Released in October of 1985, it was light-years ahead of its time, with the intricate yet heavy riffing of tracks like the title cut, "The Exorcist," and "Twisted Minds." After extensive touring, the band released its second effort, Beyond the Gates (1986), featuring cuts like "The Heretic," "No Will to Live," and of course the title track. Soon after the 1987 release of the band's Eyes of Horror EP, however, Possessed disbanded as Sus, LaLonde, and Becerra left the band.