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Looking for fun for the whole family? Check out some of our largest attractions that will amaze audiences of any age!

Madame Tussauds

A staple of Times Square since 2000, Mme Tussauds embodies the “Crossroads of the World” through its museum-style encounters with life-like wax figures of A-list celebrities, sports legends, and political figures.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

You see a lot of odd things in Times Square. Ripley’s Believe It or Not is a celebration of the weird, the outlandish, and the shocking, from shrunken heads to a six-legged cow, you are guaranteed a amazing time.

The Ride

An interactive tour that incorporates performance aspects, sets New York City as a backdrop for their theatrical, hi-tech introduction to New York City.

Hard Rock Cafe

If not for the amazing food and drinks, you must go to the Hardrock Café to see the loads of rock memorabilia from music legends The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Madonna, and more.

Discovery Times Square

Discovery Times Square immerse visitors into exhibits connecting them to the “greatest human stories ever told”, including exhibits on King Tut, Da Vinci, and the Titanic.

Toys “R” Us: The Ferris Wheel

The toy store giant opened its flagship store in November 2001 and made a big statement with its 60-foot Ferris wheel seated at the heart of the store and visible from our Times Square plazas, making this store a “must see” destination.

AMC Movie Theater

Catch the latest box office hits and grab a buttery popcorn at this 42nd Street location!

Times Scare

 This year-round attraction combines a haunted house, Broadway show, and themed bars, to make a chilling and fun experience no matter the season.