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The IR(regulars)

The IR(regulars) at Times Square

151 W 46th Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 563-6269
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Type: Entertainment & Performances
Event Location: The Tank Theater

GET READY! The (IR)regulars, |the claque|'s new live weekly comedy, is coming to Saturdays in August at The Tank. Free beer with admission. Limit 1 per customer and must be 21 years of age.

The economy's crumblin', but the executive fat cats of SAPHRON are ridin' high. In a brand-spanking-new Manhattan high-rise a team of misfit temps live, laugh, and, heck, sometimes even love. Strugglin' to stuff envelopes, enter data, and punch their time cards properly can get anyone down, but not for the (IR)regulars. As the pressures and pleasures of "real life" collide with bein' a corporate mercenary, the (IR)regulars gotta work together to pull off the man's bidding. Will our hero's make it? Well, I suppose anything can happen in a fight between passion and paycheck. Each week is a new episode with an opening act.

From the minds of |the claque|'s member writers:
J. Holtham, Anna Moench, Mark Snyder and Joseph Riippi.

Directed by:Jason Bruffy, John Giampietro, Ethan Hova, and Daniel Melnick.

Starring:S. Quincy Beard as Bonnie; Jonathan Hooks as Nick Wolfe; Kunal Prasad as Reggie; Jacob Ware as L. Martin Willet, II; and Samira Wiley as Justine Prior.

With special guest appearances by:Rich Dreher as Helling Mansaville; Ian Smith as Nurse Ron; Lou Liberatore as Mike O'donovan; Bobby Moreno as Da Admiral; Domonique Pacitto as Trixie.

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