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Want to know the latest and most accurate information about New Year’s Eve in Times Square? Well, this is the place. As the co-producers of this iconic event seen around the globe, we’re the source for all things New Year’s Eve here in Times Square. Visit our official New Year’s Eve page for the most accurate and up-to-date information about the Ball Drop.


If you have any questions about the event beforehand call the Times Square Alliance at (212) 768-1560.

On New Year’s Eve if you experience any problems with access for your employees or guests call the Times Square Alliance Dispatcher at 212-452-5218.

For Frequently Asked Questions about New Year's Eve, click here.

To view a PDF version of the information below, click here.

Counter-Terrorism Hotline:
24 hours / 7 days
All calls are confidential


Access to Times Square on the evening of December 31st will be from 6th Avenue or 8th Avenue only. No one will be allowed to cross Broadway/7th Avenue once the streets have been closed. If your destination is east of Broadway/7th Avenue, you must enter at 6th Avenue. If your destination is west of Broadway/7th Avenue, you must enter at 8th Avenue.

If you are hosting an event, large or small, in the Times Square area on New Year's Eve, please have your guests present a printed invitation with the address of their destination in order to gain access at either 6th or 8th Avenue. It is recommended that businesses hosting parties have a representative at the access point to facilitate access for your guests.

Local Access:

  • Special instructions will direct posts to ensure pedestrians have access to restaurants, theaters, hotels, etc. (present tickets, invitations, etc.).
  • Visitors must have a ticket/pass for each restaurant they plan on attending. One pass for multiple venues will not be acceptable to pass through the NYPD security checkpoints.
  • Employees should have Employment Identification or a letter from their employer to gain access.
  • Police Officers are assigned to escort individuals to locations.
  • Use most direct East/West route, (most direct 6th-8th Avenue)
  • If possible, assign a representative to the nearest cut-off block to facilitate in identifying guests.
  • Submit party/event information to the Times Square Alliance for distribution to the perimeter posts.
  • Issue invitations/tickets to facilitate access for guests
  • All passes must be issued by individual venues, buildings. There are no multi-venue passes allowed.

Click here for Event Invitation Samples (To be typed on letterhead).

In addition, the NYPD may require larger events to register with the police department, and the hosts of such events may be required to place a representative at either 6th or 8th Avenue (whichever is appropriate) with a guest list to assist with arrivals. Please click one of the following links to register your event:

For events north of West 45th Street, click here.

For events south of West 45th Street, click here.

P.B.M.S. Operations: (212) 477-7430
Lieutenant Chris Stissi: (212) 477-8177 chrisotpher.stissi@nypd.org         
Sergeant Frank Viscione: (212) 477-7430  frank.viscione@nypd.org


Manhattan Patrol Borough North & South Presentation at the Annual New Year's Eve Meeting With Local Businesses, the Times Square Alliance and the New York City Police Department on December 16, 2013.

The Basics:

  • Date: Tuesday, December 31, 2013
  • Location: Broadway & 7th Ave, 38th to 59th.
  • Viewing areas will be configured similar to previous years.
  • Zero tolerance with alcohol. Confiscation teams will be assigned.
  • Peddler Enforcement Detail assigned

Last Year’s Timeline:

  • 1300 hours - Security Perimeter in place
  • 1330 hours - Vehicle Traffic closed from 42nd to 48th Street
  • 1400 hours - Pens filled between 43rd and 47th Street
  • 1530 hours - Rehearsal Starts
  • 1800 hours - Show begins
  • 1830 hours - 7th Avenue pens filled from 43rd to 55th Street
  • 2115 hours - 7th Avenue pens filled to 56th Street
  • 2300 hours - Pens south of 42nd Street filled
  • 2310 hours - All Broadway pens to 57th Street filled
  • 2325 hours - 59th Street pens at half capacity

Security Measures:
At the entry points, and at the spectator viewing areas, each person will be searched with a hand-held wand.

  • Knapsacks and large bags are not permitted. All bags will be searched. Persons declining search will not be admitted into the area.
  • “Plain clothes” officers will be deployed throughout the event.
  • Newspaper/circular type vending machines will be removed prior to the event.
  • Manhole covers are to be sealed shut (41st-50th Streets, 6th-8th Avenues)
  • All waste receptacles will be removed on Broadway and 7th Ave. from 34th to 59th streets.
  • Sector commanders will survey their posts and direct the removal of accumulated garbage prior to the event.
  • Sanitation to remove bagged garbage (bottles, etc) throughout event.
  • Request Postal service to service all mailboxes 34 to 59, on 7th & Broadway.
  • Radiation detectors will be deployed for use during the event.
  • Special instructions will be issued to each post covering the following topics:
    • Suspicious packages
    • Search guidelines
    • Monitoring crowds
  • Escorting Residents / Theater / Dinner Guests
  • Rooftop posts are positioned along the event as well as overseeing the access points.
  • Mobile Field Forces are available for immediate response if needed.

Blocker Car Detail:

  • The blocker car details will secure the inner perimeter, with the supplemental blocker cars securing the entire event site.


South of 41st Street
  • 37th & 7th Ave
  • 37th & Broadway
  • 38th & 8th Ave
  • 38th & 6th Ave
North of 43rd street
  • 46th from 8th & 6th Ave (press access)
  • Emergency Vehicle Route (48th, 5th-9th Ave)
  • 49th from 8th & 6th Ave
  • 52nd from 8th & 6th Ave
  • 54th from 6th Ave
  • 55th from 8th Ave
  • 57th from 7th Ave
  • 57th from Broadway
  • 58th from 8th & 6th Ave
  • 59th from 8th & 6th Ave
  Pedestrian/Subway Chutes:
  • 39th - Broadway to 6th Ave
  • 41st - 7th Ave directed westbound to 8th Ave
  • 49th - 7th Ave directed eastbound to 6th Ave
  • 50th – Broadway directed westbound to 8th Ave
  • 53rd – Broadway directed westbound to 8th Ave
  • 55th – 7th Ave directed eastbound to 7th Ave

PBMS Field Command Post Locations:

  • 43rd & Broadway (PBMS ICP)
  • 50th St. & Broadway
  • 51st St. & 7th Avenue
  • 37th St. & 7th Avenue
  • 33rd St. & 8th Avenue (Madison Square Garden)


There are companies that offer Multiple Venue/Pay-One-Price/All Access passes which advertise access to Times Square on New Year’s Eve that is actually not possible. These companies advertise this pass as allowing the holder to visit numerous venues throughout Times Square on New Year's Eve. Such Multiple Venue/Pay-One-Price/All Access passes presume the holder will be able to get past police security lines. In years past, such pass holders were refused access beyond police check points, leaving the holder frustrated and without a place to go. It is reasonable to assume that the police will take the same stance this year.

The Alliance will continue to work closely with the New York City Police Department to make sure guests of your establishment with receipts/passes/invitations for your establishment are granted access but we will not be promoting or advocating for multiple venue/pay one price access passes. If you would like to discuss this further please contact Tom Harris, Senior Vice president of Operations at 212-452-5216.


On New Year’s Eve, Tuesday, December 31, 2013, certain subway access will be altered in the Times Square area. The actual time of the system changes depend on the arrival of the revelers for the New Year’s Eve Celebration. Based on the timeline from last year, click here for expected service disruptions.

The Times Square Alliance will provide updates to the subway system changes as they are made available to us through our flash system and also up to date Transit information is always available a http://www.mta.info/.