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May 3-24, 2017 | 10am - 9pm
42nd to 47th Streets between Broadway and 7th Ave
Free to all

This spring, Times Square is proud to showcase NYC design excellence as the hub of NYCxDESIGN from May 3-24, 2017 – the longest NYCxDESIGN to date.

For the first time, Times Square will be the NYCxDESIGN Information Hub, disseminating and sharing information on NYCxDESIGN events around the city. Pick up your official NYCxDESIGN guide and your favorite design publications, and ask any questions you may have about the exciting design events citywide. Or just stop by to see the new Times Square and say hello!

Hub Culture: Virtual Reality Pavilion
May 3-24, 10am - 10pm
42nd St & Broadway

Centered on new experiments in mobile design architecture and with units created from repurposed materi als, Hub Culture x Design Pavilion is a collaboration to explore the intersection of design and technology.   

The Hub at Times Square includes custom events, a broadcast studio, a meeting lounge, and virtual reality integrations. ‘Zeke.ai’ features an emergent intelligence virtual reality experience. ‘2048’ explores exponential ideas in design-led everyday conveniences, and ‘Creative Muse’ generates and shares design driven content through virtual reality, music, podcasts, videos and more. The Hub Culture app provides access to interaction with each experience.

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MAY 3–22

In conjunction with NYCxDESIGN, NYC DESIGN TALKS is a community based talk series, presented to the public and sharing the thoughts, goals, pressures, and responsibilities of design for the enhancement and improvement of our future.

Times Square Transformation - NYC Design Talks
May 3, 6pm - 7pm
The Red Steps
W 46th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue

Times Square has undergone a remarkable transformation. After decades of proposals grappling with how best to handle the pedestrian congestion in Times Square, Snøhetta’s world-class design for the Broadway pedestrian plazas cleared out decades of old infrastructure cluttering the square while doubling the amount of pedestrian space in what had been a notoriously crowded vehicular district. This discussion will look at Times Square before, during and after the transformation, from pedestrian and traffic studies in the early 2000s, to the pilot project closing of Broadway to traffic in 2009, to the permanent plazas completed this year. The conversation will address how the innovative and carefully-considered design of our urban landscapes can have a measured positive impact on public safety, air quality, and economic output, and how Times Square’s vision might stand as a model for world-class civic spaces across the globe.

Designing to Sell
May 18, 6pm - 7pm
Broadway between 43rd and 44th Streets

A panel of designers and design company founders discuss the challenges and rewards of designing products to sell on a national, and even global scale, from boutiques to big box stores.

Landmark Interiors and Preserving History
May 19, 3pm - 4pm
Thomson Reuters
3 Times Square, 30th floor

An inside look at how landmark designation works, how it contributes to the urban experience, and how the inclusion of interior landmarks enhances our understanding and appreciation of design, artisanry and the legacy of past generations that enriches our daily lives in an ever-changing city. The panel will shed light on the issues surrounding landmark designation, as well as the challenges faced as modern buildings and interiors become eligible for nomination.

Virtual Design and Construction
May 19, 4pm - 5pm
Thomson Reuters
3 Times Square, 30th floor

A panel of experts will discuss the ways in which Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is transforming design practices and creating new opportunities for high-level collaborations among trades, data-rich building models, and realistic looking renderings that enable precise design decisions.  

Branding Outside the Square: The Future of Design
May 19, 5pm - 6pm
Thomson Reuters
3 Times Square, 30th floor

Join Architect’s Newspaper’s Features Editor Josephine Minutillo for a lively conversation with designers working in graphic, experiential and digital about why the need for brands to maintain their authenticity and potential for category disruption even as they scale up to become players on the national stage. This talk explores where design and design thinking are having the most impact right now—and where it isn’t being put to use.

Design, Politics & Governance
May 19, 6pm - 7pm
Thomson Reuters
3 Times Square, 30th floor

From toothbrushes to taxi hailing apps and smart phones to healthcare services, ‘design’ touches every aspect of our lives today. But what happens when design meets the world of politics and governance? What is the voice of design when it comes to the practice and implementation of policy and ordinance? 

Material Trends 2017+: A Global Panel Discussion
May 21, 11am - 12pm
Anita's Way, by the Performing Arts Theater in Times Square
135 W 42nd St

Join an international panel discussion with a group of global thought leaders in design. This talk will touch on current trends in material choice, why these materials are being chosen, and how they impact design, with views from the U.S., Brazil, Europe, Japan and Canada.  

Design the Life You Love presented by Ayse Birsel
May 21, 2pm - 3pm
Anita's Way, by the Performing Arts Theater in Times Square
135 W 42nd St

Ayse Birsel tells the story of how she applied her design process to her life, her most important project, and discovered that most of us also want to be the designers of our own lives. Using constructive metaphors, playful tools and optimistic visualizations, she draws from concepts in fields as diverse as fashion, design, art and gastronomy.

Humanizing Hard Spaces with Art and Architecture
May 22, 5pm - 6pm

Anita's Way, by the Performing Arts Theater in Times Square
135 W 42nd St

What happens when inspiration collides with application? When the emotional elements of creativity intersect with the physics of construction? When passion meets practicality? And how do these conundrums breed new invention systems and engineering solutions? Kayne Horsham and Ned Kahn draw from disparate experiences including blockbuster films, large-scale outdoor art installations, and civic infrastructure projects.

Justin Davidson: Magnetic City @ TSQ
May 23, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
The Strand Kiosk
Broadway between 43rd and 44th Streets

Join us at Strand's Times Square Kiosk to celebrate NYCxDESIGN with Justin Davidson, author of Magnetic City: A Walking Companion to New York. Magnetic City takes us to popular destinations as well as to residential neighborhoods rarely on the casual traveler’s beat. His New York comes alive as we read about the stories behind landmarks and street corners, about the visionaries and architects who created the city by constantly destroying and rebuilding it. Each itinerary is a trip you can take by foot (or bike, or ferry) … or a journey you can take in your mind without ever leaving your armchair.

There will be a 30 minute talk, moderated by Wendy Goodman, with a Q&A to follow, and time for a signing after. Books will be available for purchase at the kiosk; this event is free and open to attend.

For a full list of talks, speakers, and descriptions, visit the NYC Design Talks website.

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MAY 18-22

A 5-day outdoor cultural event featuring established + emerging talent, Design Pavilion serves as a public center for the city’s official design weeks and provides a showcase for innovation. DESIGN PAVILION installations and exhibits include:

DuPont™Corian® Cameo No.3 Light Sculpture
Cameo No.3 represents the intersection of music, touch, light and social interaction, where sound exploration becomes the genesis of art. The piece transforms DuPont™ Corian® solid-surface material into a soft and atmospheric sculpture that allows a play of LED-driven light to glow through, while a multi-zoned sound system plays music and sound physically through the piece via three touch-activated podiums so that individuals can conduct their experience by way of music and light.

DuPont™Corian® Movement Bar
For the DuPont™  Corian® installation at 2017 Design Pavilion, design studio Birsel+Seck interprets what movement means in the lively, vertical, highly trafficked, phenomenal public space, Times Square. They have recreated the quintessential “bar” — as a gathering place, a place to pause, people-watch, rest and take it all in.

Kaynemaile’s playful installation accents the link between art & science with seamless polycarbonate architectural mesh, a reimagined 2000-year-old material, that protects interior & exterior surfaces.

Made Out of WHAT
Constructed from repurposed objects, Made Out of WHAT is a curation of designed objects, images & videos that inspire & instruct on sustainable practices. A new global initiative in L.A., Made Out of WHAT showcases high design made from post consumer & industrial waste, turning trash into a 21st century raw material that can heal the earth.

ErgoErgo is a revolutionary seating concept for active sitting. It’s all about movement, which strengthens your body and stimulates your mind. ErgoErgo is fun public seating, and it’s compact enough for the smallest space.

Magis Through Herman Miller
Times Square becomes a playground of good design with the Spun Chair, designed by Thomas Heatherwick for Magis, an Italian furniture company. Rock side-to-side or spin in circles, public space comes alive with these ergonomic forms that work as comfortable seating, whichever way they are rotated.

Vestre Furniture With Snøhetta
Vestre launches a new outdoor furniture line, April Go, in collaboration with Craig Dykers of Snøhetta. Designed for challenging urban space + the roughest conditions, April Go emphasizes quality + sustainability. It will live at Times Square’s newly completed plazas, also designed by Snohetta.

NYCxDESIGN market logo


Design Pavilion is pleased to announce the debut of its newest feature, DESIGN MARKET NYC.

Come in and learn about the products and designers and shop for innovative gifts!

Featuring ...

Kikkerland Design, a NYC based design gift company celebrating 25 years of creativity, joins the Design Pavilion Market at Times Square. Come learn how products are designed, play with iconic designs, and shop curious and functional gifts.

Pratt Institute School of Design and United Legwear & Apparel Co.
Students from Pratt Institute School of Design in partnership with United Legwear & Apparel Co. participated in the PULSE (Pratt United Legwear Sock Experiment) design competition, exploring design in the form of a sock. The winning design will be manufactured in a limited run of 1,200 pairs and displayed at Design Pavilion Market, where information about the design process for legwear will be on view.

American Design Club
The American Design Club presents their annual design exhibition at Design Pavilion Market in Times Square. This year, their exhibition’s theme is AmDC Souvenir Shop, a New York centric take on great design gift-ables. Visitors to New York for NYCxDesign will have a chance to take home the latest trending souvenirs from 20+ up-and-coming designers. All products are great for on-the-go travel.

Attache-Moi, a perfume house, has collaborated with filmmakers, artists, musicians and designers to propose a different approach to the scent experience. Evocative encounters, sensorial journeys, existing or imaginary worlds … can we tie ourself to the fleetingness of a passion, to the energy and light of a city, to a time that does not exist?