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The Times Square Alliance is proud to introduce to you the Crossroads Program: This valuable perks program, available to 160,000+ employees and residents of the Times Square area, encourages members to frequent local restaurants, retailers, hotels and attractions like yours.

There is absolutely no cost to participate and become a valued neighborhood partner. Your offer(s) can be designed to suit your particular business need. We ask only that the offer be EXCLUSIVE to Crossroads Members only.

The Benefits

  • FREE targeted marketing
  • Positive PR
  • Increased patronage from employees and residents
  • Increased employee benefits at no charge to you
  • Opportunity to showcase business to members through exclusive events

Want to be a Neighborhood Partner?

Here's How: 

Step 1:  Evaluate your current business. Determine what exclusive offer(s) you can extend to potentially 160,000+ employee's and residents in Times Square.

Step 2:  Download and complete the Offer Registration Form, and email to Crossroads@TimesSquareNYC.org. You will then be contacted by a Times Square Alliance staff member.

Step 3: Once the offer registration form has been received you will receive an email confirming participation.

Step 4: Encourage your employees to sign up for the Crossroads Member E-Newsletter. Once added they'll receive regular updates on the latest deals and promotions available through the Crossroads program. It truly is the best way to be informed of what's happening in their neighborhood.

TIP:  We've found that the best tactic for announcing your involvement in the Crossroads Program is "The Two Tiered Approach." First, inform your employees to download the Crossroads App to enjoy the benefits for working at your establishment, while announcing your exclusive offer to other members. They can more easily recognize the Crossroads App upon redemption if they have one of their own. For employees who don’t have smart phones, please email Crossroads@TimesSquareNYC.org to request a printed card.

Be sure to always check the full list of exclusive Crossroads Program offers and discounts.


Skeptical?  As a New Yorker you have a right to be!  Click here to view frequently asked questions from businesses like you.