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Image associated with the New Mystery Solved? Restaurant Row Disappearing Tree Guards Seem to Match Larger Pattern;  Times Square Alliance Suspects Manhole Cover Thieves and Offers $1000 Reward news item

Release Date: May 04, 2012

New York, N.Y. – May 4, 2012 – According to a New York Times article written on May 3rd, Con Edison claims that more than 30 manhole covers have disappeared since March 2012 to be sold to scrap metal dealers across the city.

Similarly, last weekend, iron tree guards that have long lined the historic restaurant row on 46th Street in Times Square were stolen from approximately 20 of the trees, to the dismay and bafflement of nearby restaurants and residents. The tree guards are 2-3 inch deep iron grates that protect the tree roots, allow for easy pedestrian passage and facilitate rainwater drainage.

In a statement this morning, Times Square Alliance President Tim Tompkins said: “We’ve been dismayed and stumped by the recent disappearance of these tree guards that have protected the trees on historic Restaurant Row since the 1970s. But we didn’t have a probable cause for their disappearance until now. This crime seems to fit within a larger citywide pattern, and we are offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the conviction of the thieves who stole the tree grates from restaurant row.”

If New Yorkers have any information or tips, please call the Times Square Alliance Public Safety hotline at 212-452-5218.


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