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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jana Hunter, roof

Jana Hunter. Photograph by Ka-Man Tse for @TSqArts

Playwright Celtic Pub

732 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10036

Sky Lines

An evening of music with Jana Hunter  and Peals

CLICK HERE for the recording of Sky Lines and interviews on Clocktower.org

Jana Hunter performs work from across her solo spectrum of ambient murmurs and sound textures to dreamlike pop sighs, evoking a serene, summertime ode to the Times Square skyline and warm nights.

Peals, a Baltimore-based band, rounds out the evening's performance with their meditative and intimate sounds.

Curated by the Clocktower in partnership with Times Square Arts.   Curatorial Committee:  Alanna Heiss,  Joe Ahearn, Beatrice Johnson,  Jim Toth,  Tim Goossens.   Clocktower Radio  Livestream and Broadcast: David Weinstein and Jeannie Hopper.



 video by Brian Gonzalez for @TSqArts

About After Hours

After Hours is a series of ephemeral installations and performances hidden amongst the Times Square district’s diverse venues, recorded for radio and video dissemination. The Spring 2013 series takes place once a month across four unique locations.  Taking advantage of the twilight moment before midnight, and a surreal array of different settings nestled throughout the Times Square area, the Times Square Alliance, in partnership with the Clocktower Gallery, offer tantalizing glimpses of these spaces as creative catalysts.  Pairing  musicians and artists with each of these unique contexts, the artists create work specifically designed to draw on the neighborhood's history as a social and artistic melting pot. The fleeting nature of these late night experiences highlights the power found in taking the synchronicity and spontaneity of an After Hours encounter beneath the bright lights, and using it to inspire and indicate future audio, video, and performance work.


About Jana Hunter

Hailing originally from northern Texas, Jana Hunter has been writing and recording songs for the past 16 years. Hunter's songs, usually featuring many overlapped tracks of her own voice, acoustic and electric guitars, and the violin (Hunter's first instrument) were recorded on tape machines for the better part of 10 years.  Hunter, raised in a large, religious family and trained as an orchestral violinist from an early age, followed melodic obsessions and a gift for striking listeners as being near-"haunted", developing a signature sonic topography. In 2005, Hunter released a split LP 12" with Devendra Banhart as well as a solo debut album entitled "Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom." She followed with 2007's "There's No Home" full-length and an EP bearing the title "Carrion", disciplined works that showcased her ability to write and compose.

Hunter's most recent work is still at times bleak, even grim, but more often rapturous, lush, and resplendent, and a marked refinement of her already considerable melodicism and sensitivity. On record and on stage, with or without her band, it's these things as well as Hunter's Cheshire-cat charisma, imperturbability, and classic-eras way with song that continue to make her a looming specter on the horizon.  Visit gnomonsong.com/janahunter/


About Peals

Peals is a new band led by William Cashion (Future Islands) and Bruce Willen (Double Dagger), members of two of Baltimore's most dynamic live bands.  Formed in early 2012, the duo have turned inward for their debut 'Walking Field', crafting a meditative and exploratory headphone panorama of the highest order.  From the first moment, they set aside the basses of their high-profile post-punk outfits for acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, tambourines, toy pianos, and other sonic tools in pursuit of a stripped-down, warm living-room atmosphere.

Peals’ live performances strive to create an intimate atmosphere, embracing art galleries and back porches in smaller towns off the usual tour circuit.  Their expressive and exhilarating debut record reflects this shift in sensibility.  'Walking Field' is headphone music for summer afternoons and cold winter nights; a soundtrack for deserted beaches and wooded campfires; the feeling of a sunrise alone, or a sunset with a close circle of friends. Visit pealsmusic.com


About Clocktower Productions

Clocktower Productions is an art production institution working in the visual arts, performance, music, and radio. Founded in 1972 in Lower Manhattan by Alanna Heiss, Clocktower is the oldest alternative art project in New York. For 40 years, the institution has produced seminal exhibitions and performances by some of the most important artists of our time. After leaving its historic Tribeca tower in December 2013, Clocktower immediately engaged in contracted program partnerships with six cultural institutions in three boroughs. Clocktower produces multidisciplinary art projects all over the city through these creative collaborations with Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Knockdown Center in Queens, Playland Motel & Gallery in Far Rockaway, and Times Square Arts, Neuehouse, and Red Bull Studios in Manhattan. These spaces host Clocktower exhibitions, performances, residencies, radio, and administrative activities. Visit Clocktower.org for more information. Follow @Clocktower_NYC.


About Hyperallergic

Hyperallergic is an award-winning art blogazine that serves as a forum for serious, playful and radical thinking about art in the world today. The leading site for art-related ideas, opinions, reviews, and news, Hyperallergic is the meeting place for art lovers from around the world. Hyperallergic.com


Jana Hunter, rooftop

Jana Hunter at Playwright Celtic Pub. Photograph by Ka-Man Tse @TSqArts


Sky Lines audience

Sky Lines. Photograph by Nadia Witte for @TSqArts


Peals playwright

Peals at Playwright Celtic Pub. Photograph by Ka-Man Tse for @TSqArts


Photograph by Nadia Witte

Sky Lines. Photograph by Nadia Witte for @TSqArts


after hours skylines bw

Sky Lines. Photograph by Nadia Witte for @TSqArts