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Yoko Ono Imagine Peace NASDAQ JVC ABC  photo by Ka-Man Tse

Yoko Ono, IMAGINE PEACE (2012),  ABC SuperSign, JVC, and NASDAQ; (Photograph by Ka-Man Tse, 2012) Midnight Moment is a presentation of the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts.   This month's program, Yoko Ono, IMAGINE PEACE is presented in partnership with Art Production Fund.

December 1 - 30, 2012; 11:57 - midnight, every night

A stunning visual message of peace will greet New Yorkers and visitors to the Crossroads of the World as part of a synchronized program on over fifteen of the largest digital screens in Times Square. Yoko Ono’s work, IMAGINE PEACE, will be featured nightly at 11:57 pm – midnight every night throughout December 30 as part of the Midnight Moment, a presentation of the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts.   This month's program is presented in partnership with Art Production Fund.

IMAGINE PEACE is artist Yoko Ono’s worldwide initiative of anti-violence. In the film, IMAGINE PEACE is written in 24 languages set over the tranquil imagery of a blue-sky background. The piece has now been transformed into a multi-channel work specifically for the Midnight Moment, and spreads the message of peace across Times Square's monumental screens simultaneously, filling the Crossroads of the World with 24 languages of the world.

Midnight Moment is the largest coordinated effort in history by the sign operators in Times Square to display synchronized, cutting-edge creative content on billboards throughout Times Square every night. The program, which premiered in May 2012, is organized and supported by the Times Square Advertising Coalition in partnership with Times Square Arts, the public art program for the Times Square Alliance, with additional partners of participating sign holders and artists. Creativity has always been at the forefront of the Times Square signs and their presence is now integral to the identity of this iconic public space. This level of sign holder commitment to synchronize their daily programs to feature cutting-edge art throughout the year is unparalleled. For more information on past projects, please click here.

About Art Production Fund
Art Production Fund (APF) is a public art initiative dedicated to commissioning, producing and presenting ambitious art projects by emerging and established artists. APF is committed to engaging audiences in creative ways by realizing socially relevant projects, which push the field of public art in new directions. APF’s unexpected and challenging projects are available to diverse audiences in locations that fall outside the realm of traditional art institutions. Please visit www.artproductionfund.org.

About Yoko Ono
Born 1933, Tokyo, Japan, Yoko Ono lives and works in New York. Ono is an influential artist who pushes the boundaries of the art, film, music and theatre media. The present time marks a renewed resurgence of interest and celebration of her work. She received the prestigious Golden Lion Award for Lifetime Achievement at the 2009 Venice Biennale and is currently on a world tour with PLASTIC ONO BAND. Please visit www.IMAGINEPEACE.com

Imagine Peace Viacom South phot by KTSE

Yoko Ono, IMAGINE PEACE (2012),  Viacom South; (Photograph by Ka-Man Tse, 2012)