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2014 Invited Competition is a Collaboration between Times Square Arts and Van Alen Institute

Haiko Cornelissen Architecten: TWEET HEART NY

Valentine_TweetHeart_2014Haiko Cornelissen Architecten: TWEET HEART NY. Rendering courtesy of Haiko Cornelissen Architecten.

Every tweet sent from Times Square makes TWEET HEART NY pulse with glowing sections of red light. Just one tweet is enough to elicit this reaction, but the greater number of Twitter interactions that take place in Times Square, the more excitedly TWEET HEART NY will beat. Click here to download PDF of proposal

The Living: Vapor Valentine

Valentine_VaporValentine_2014The Living: Vapor Valentine. Rendering courtesy of The Living.

Vapor Valentine is a dynamic cloud that captures and displays the ever-changing life and light of Times Square. The cloud evokes the intimate romance of a natural hot spring on a winter day, while also celebrating the technology and interactivity that define the collective public experience of Times Square.  In daytime, the cloud is a heart-shaped column. At night, the cloud becomes a flat red heart as it rises out of a glowing glass box.  People can interact with the heart by touching and blowing on the cloud, by placing their hands on the glass box to affect the vapor inside or through a custom text-messaging hotline. Click here to download PDF of proposal

Pernilla Ohrstedt Studio: O Heart


O Heart is made from an illuminated circle suspended above Times Square.  When pulled, it folds to form a heart. When let go it flutters until it regains its balance.  At night the changing lights of the ring paint the fluttering movement solid and let you capture thousands of unique hearts to share across the world.  The 10 foot tall glowing kinetic sculpture is human powered, but has potential to incorporate automation, light, sound and online interactivity.  Click here to download PDF of proposal

Schaum Shieh: My Fuzzy Valentine

Valentine_MyFuzzyValentine_2014Schaum Shieh: My Fuzzy Valentine. Rendering courtesy of Schaum Shieh.

The striped, graphic structure of My Fuzzy Valentine makes moiré patterns when rotated that pulse like a beating heart, flickering and catching your eye. Spring-loaded at its base, the heart will gently oscillate before coming to a rest. Duck inside for a hushed moment of solitude in New York City's busiest intersection. Snap a selfie or send your favorite person a digital valentine-gram. Click here to download PDF of proposal

SOFTlab: Sweet Heart

Valentine_SOFTlab2_2014SOFTlab: Sweet Heart. Rendering courtesy of SOFTlab

Sweet Heart captures the energy of Times Square through an irregular reflective surface.  As lights within the heart pulse on and off they reveal impromptu messages for visitors to use in photos.  The irregular shape also acts as a register for a custom web-based photo platform, which uses technology similar to facial recognition to reveal different hidden messages as you move your phone camera around the heart.  Click here to download PDF of proposal

Young Projects: Match-Maker

Selected As The Winner Of The 2014 Times Square Valentine Heart Design

ValentineHeart_MatchMaker_2014Young Projects: Match-Maker. Rendering courtesy of Young Projects.

The Match-Maker cosmically connects people this Valentine's Day. Guided by their zodiac signs, visitors arrange themselves at twelve viewing points around the heart-shaped sculpture. Peering through colorful, interwoven periscopes provides glimpses of each viewer's four most ideal astrological mates, offering potentially novel connections between lonely souls or settled lovers.

Click to see more on Match-Makerthe winner of the 2014 Times square Valentine Heart Competition.