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gamelatron golden dragon

The Gamelatron Bunga Kota, Aaron Taylor Kuffner.  Photograph by Ka-Man Tse for @TSqArts


The Gamelatron Bunga Kota (Flower of the City)

June 6 - July 26, 2013

785 Eighth Ave., between 47th and 48th Streets

Exhibition is open Wednesdays to Fridays, 2:00 to 8:00 pm

Independence Day holiday hours: July 3 - 5, 2:00 to 5:00 pm



The Gamelatron Bunga Kota (Flower of the City) draws upon Indonesia’s thousand-year-old Gamelan music tradition of bronze instrument ensembles and combines it with the emerging field of robotics to create a live magical, private performance.  As a site-specific contemporary artwork, the project consists of kinetic sculptures that use specially tuned bronze instruments retrofitted with mechanical mallets on sculptural mounts to create an immersive sound installation.  Compositions range from solitary reverberations of massive gongs and singing chimes to full ritual or storytelling orchestrations.  Whether compositions are created live or pre-programmed, the instruments are masterfully tuned, as they have been for centuries, to impact the human body.  The Gamelatron utilizes innovation to preserve and revive the legacy and culture of Gamelan for future generations.  Since its debut in 2008, The Gamelatron has been featured in concerts, at festivals and as the centerpiece in extended installations in Russia, Europe, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and the United States.  It has been presented in diverse places ranging from conventional museums and galleries to private residences, building foyers, educational facilities, retreat centers, and public spaces.  For more information please visit http://gamelatron.com

To listen to an interview with Aaron Taylor Kuffner on ARTonAIR.org, please click here.


About the Artist:

Aaron Taylor Kuffner is a Brooklyn-based conceptual artist, composer, Indomusicologist and architect of new media and intermedia performance.  He specializes in creating multi-point sound environments and is the co-creator of the Gamelatron.  For several years he studied under master teacher I Wayan Senen at the Institut Seni Indonesia di Yogyakarta and premier musician I Wayan Sadera in Tegas, Bali at the Yaysan Polosseni, performing with professional groups in Java and Bali.  As a solo artist, with the Gamelatron and other projects and collaborations, Kuffner has performed or presented work more than 400 times in 19 countries in the last 15 years. For more details about the artist, please visit http://aarontaylorkuffner.com


The Clocktower Gallery / ARTonAIR.org

Founded in 1972, the Clocktower Gallery is a legendary alternative art space for exhibitions, performances, long-term and site-specific installations and artist residencies, dedicated to producing experimental, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational projects. The Gallery’s radio station, ARTonAIR.org, is a free and searchable online cultural audio archive with over 5,000 hours of non-commercial music, audio art, spoken word, cultural news, history and dialogue, and new media innovation. Together, the gallery and radio function as a laboratory for experimentation, working closely and collaboratively with artists to develop, realize and present innovative and challenging work in all media and disseminate it to communities both locally and around the world.  www.ARTonAIR.org

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Gamelatron Dylan Murphy brokers

The Gamelatron Bunga Kota opening reception. Photograph by Nadia Witte for @TSqArts.

Gamelatron window

The Gamelatron Bunga Kota opening reception. Photograph by Nadia Witte for @TSqArts.

gamelatron taylor air on art

Aaron Taylor Kuffner, The Gamelatron Bunga Kota opening reception. Photograph by Nadia Witte for @TSqArts.

Gamelatron reception patio

The Gamelatron Bunga Kota opening reception. Photograph by Nadia Witte for @TSqArts.