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Bel Borba  DIÁRIO (através de um OLHO BAIANO)photographs by Ka-Man Tse, 2012

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Times Square Arts is proud to partner with the French Institute and the Alliance Française’s (FIAF) Crossing the Line Festival to present Bel Borba with Burt Sun & André Costantini, DIÁRIO (através de um OLHO BAIANO).   Bel Borba creates a new ephemeral artwork each day in different locations around New York City over the course of the festival, using only recycled and found materials in the city's streets.

Brazilian artist Bel Borba will use orange street barriers and other recycled materials to create a block-long installation in Times Square - giving visitors the chance to see an internationally-renowned public artist in process. Bel Borba will create the installation in view of the public Sunday, October 14th starting at 6:00am, installing it in Times Square for a 48-hour viewing before disassembling it on Monday, October 15th. The audience will be exposed to the artist and his lightning-speed process, as he reveals the extraordinary possibilities for the discarded material of our daily lives. This marks the last day of his 30-day series of transformations with recycled materials around New York City. This will be presented in partnership with the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) and as part of FIAF’s 2012 Crossing the Line Festival and will be installed on Duffy Square, the Broadway Plaza between 46th and 47th Streets. Bel Borba is the subject of the new documentary Bel Borba Aqui, which celebrates the work of this prolific artist and will have a two-week engagement earlier in the month.

During the month of October, Universal Pulse, a film by Bel Borba with Burt Sun & André Costantini, will also be screening daily on over 15 screens throughout Times Square as part of Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery. (Screenings are best viewed from Duffy Square or Military Plaza). Times Square Moment is presented by TSAC (Times Square Advertising Coalition).

Watch Video about Bel Borba's Installation in Times Square


Diario 25: Water Graffiti

View more films at diariobaiano.wordpress.com


About Bel Borba

Brazilian visual artist Bel Borba has covered his native Salvador, a 500-year-old city in Bahia, with glorious outdoor artworks, from small mosaics to large-scale pieces composed of brightly-colored broken tiles, steel, wood, recycled materials, and sand. The eclectic work beautifully channels the experiences of the communities in which he works, providing a window into the city’s rich and complex history and culture. Known as "The People's Picasso," this eclectic artist represents a rarely seen side of Brazil.

As the filmmakers Burt Sun and Andre Costantini were documenting Bel's creative process and creation in the past three years, these three artists has evolved their relationship from observer/subject (traditional documentary film-making) into a team of creative collaborators. Their objective for "Bel Borba Aqui New York" is to capture the incredible energy of this creative team in one of the most celebrated city.

About Burt Sun
Burt Sun began his career in theater as a designer working with major American theatre artists such as Robert Woodruff, Anne Bogart, and Philip Glass, as well as in advertising, television production design, and his own fine art photography. In 2003, Mr. Sun’s multimedia project Helen DeTroit was selected by the Smithsonian Museum and presented in an exhibit titled “Skin.” Mr. Sun was involved in the restoration and inauguration of The Modern Theatre at Suffolk University in Boston, creating its new logo and publicity campaign. Mr. Sun’s photographs have been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, Central America and Brazil. In 2009, the Urban Art Institute of MASSART commissioned Mr. Sun to create a new book about Urban street art in Brazil. He traveled to Salvador Bahia and there he met the Brazilian artist Bel Borba, transforming the Urban Art Book project into a full length documentary, tilted "Bel Borba, Aqui", in which Mr. Sun produced and co-directed with his long time collaborator and photographer, Andre Costantini. In 2011, Mr. Sun assisted Bel Borba with his art exhibition in New York, and is the curator for the current show of Mr. Borba titled “Aqui, em 7 elementos” at Museum Rodin, Bahia, which opened in early 2012. This exhibit and its companion Book have been considered by many art critics as the one of the best Art exhibit in past twenty years.

About Andre Costantini
Andre Costantini holds a BFA in photography and painting from Mason Gross School of the Arts. Costantini can be characterized as a multi-instrumentalist embracing art, music, writing, performance, photography and film. In 1996, André co-formed Goldleaf and Big Daddy, a performance duo where he wrote, sang and played the accordion. With panache for the bizarre, free association, pop music and 80’s references, they performed regularly in NYC’s music venues. In 1998, Mr. Costantini photographed the restoration of DaVinci’s “Last Supper” in Milan with Edie Adams, and was invited to join the Eddie Adam’s Workshop as a staff member and a master teacher where he works to this day. His recent work on Journalists in War, also chronically documented the truth and hardship to reflect the fragile humanity in a profession that constant been challenged by dedicated individuals who struggled throughout the recent history from Vietnam war to current Middle east conflict.