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Product: Milk Chocolate with milk cream filling, Product of Italy
Store: Pol Bridge, 7218 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Neighborhood: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn


by Hidemi Takagi

August 1 - 31, 2011
The Times Square Visitor Center
7th Avenue between 46 & 47th Streets
Displayed on 7 Video Monitors

Broadway Plazas, 42nd to 47th Streets,
Displayed on sides of the trash receptacles

The art project, Blender, by Hidemi Tagaki comes to the plazas and visitor center of Times Square for the month of August 2011. Her bright and saturated images of immigrant food products collected from different boroughs in New York City will be the first public art project on the sides of trash receptacles stationed from 42nd to 47th Streets in the Broadway Plazas. All 95 photographs will also run as a video installation on 7 screens in the entrance to the Times Square Visitor Center. In front of millions of tourists who may never venture outside central Manhattan, Tagaki's project celebrates the diversity of New York's immigrant cultures through the simple designs and languages of packaged foods gathered through her many visits to small neighborhood groceries in every borough.


Hidemi Takagi: Interview (Times Square Alliance Public Art) from TimesSquare PublicArt on Vimeo.

“The look of these food packages often has an old-fashioned feel: bright, saturated colors and outmoded designs that are rare both in Japan, where I’m from, and America, where I now live. Through this project I hope to show that art can transcend time and language even through the simplest imagery found on a candy wrapper. Blender is a lens into New York’s immigrant communities and cultures” -- Hidemi Takagi



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Hidemi Takagi Blender 2011 Visitor Center


Follow Hidemi Takagi’s extraordinary project, through which her photography beautifully chronicles packaged foods from 47 countries that she found in shops catering to immigrants in 35 neighborhoods throughout New York City.


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Artist Statement

Hidemi Takagi Blender 2011 Artist Statement


About the artist

Takagi was born in Kyoto, Japan and currently works in New York City. Her work can be seen online at www.hidemitakagi.com or The Flaere Gallery. Times Square Arts is made possible by the support of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.   This project was made possible through the generous support from Metromedia Technologies, Inc. and Flaere Gallery.

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