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Performa in Times Square

Sat Nov. 5th, 11 am to 12pm, Broadway Plaza between 46-47th Streets, Duffy Square 

Tyler Ashley: Half-mythical, half-legendary Americanism  

Do you want rock-hard abs? Slimmer hips and firmer buttocks? Do you reject the idea of autonomous art? Join Tyler Ashley and his group of dancers - the SARAHS - in today's most comprehensive exercise and education program in Constructivism! Don’t miss this opportunity to explore Constructivist concerns about the arrangement and power of the body in space through a unique mash-up of aerobics class clichés and a 19th century Czech “slet.” With explosive movement, live music, and audience interaction, Ashley and the SARAHS probe Constructivist preachings and design.


Sunday Nov. 6th, 11 am to 12pm, Broadway Plaza between 46-47th Streets, Duffy Square

Liz Glynn: Utopia or Oblivion

A silent dance recreation of an experiment attempted by Buckminster Fuller during his time on faculty at Black Mountain College in 1948, which eventually led one of Fuller’s students, Kenneth Sneleson, to develop the architectural principle of tensegrity. Curated by Dougal Phillips.


Nov 8 – 11, 9:00 – 9:45pm

Ed Atkins, Haroon Mirza, and James Richards: An Echo Button

Known for their technical experimentation with popular visual culture, sound, and sculpture, the artists will present a project for Times Square that responds to the history and the spectacle of the site: the ball drop on New Year’s Eve; the sound generated by Max Neuhaus’ 1977 sound installation Times Square; and the signs on corporate billboards. This site-specific work consists of moving image on Toshiba Vision in Times Square as well as a conceptual installation, functioning as an “echo chamber” for the videos in Times Square. Co-presented by the Zabludowicz Collection. Curated by Silvia Sgualdini. Supported by the Lisson Gallery, Toshiba, and the Times Square Alliance.

To attend the performance at 1500 Broadway, please RSVP here: http://echobutton.eventbrite.com/

Toshiba Screen

"Illustration of "An Echo Button" by Ed Atkins, Haroon Mirza and James Richards. A Performa '11 Project. Photograph by Kevin Tachman."


Performa 11, the fourth edition of the internationally acclaimed biennial of new visual art performance presented by Performa, will be held in New York City from November 1–21, 2011. The three-week biennial will showcase new work by more than 100 of the most exciting artists working today, in an innovative program breaking down the boundaries between visual art, music, dance, poetry, fashion, architecture, graphic design, and the culinary arts. Presented in collaboration with a consortium of more than 50 arts institutions and 25 curators, as well as a network of public spaces and private venues across the city, Performa 11 will ignite New York City with energy and ideas, acting as a vital “think tank” linking minds across the five boroughs and bringing audiences together for brilliant new performances in all disciplines.   


For more information, please visit  www.performa-arts.org