Midnight Moment

All applications must be made online through the Slideroom portal only. We shall not be accepting proposals via email.
Times Square Arts, the public art program of the Times Square Alliance, and Times Square Advertising Coalition will seek proposals from curators of moving image archives, individual artists and creative producers who want to reinvestigate their artists’ existing work across new formats to create multi-screen and multi-format presentations. We seek artists who want to create a multi-screen installation for a general audience. The original content must be created to a very high specification to communicate across the massive scale of the screens.


One of the greatest icons of Times Square has been the presence of electronic signs. These moving image billboards reflect the commercial representation of our culture. With this project, we take a small commercial break each day to showcase the representation of the world through the eyes of artists. The artists make visual statements that stop us, surprise us, or make us question everyday objects, situations or truths. Advertising has always showcased creative talent; it is natural that a group of the most influential advertising real estate owners would support this public artistic license.


Times Square Arts will curate and administrate this public art program, on behalf of TSAC and The Alliance. The program will act as the bridge between all partners to coordinate the review process, the press and the presentation.  All submissions must be moving image and should ensure that they meet the criteria below:

  • The process will showcase works with a length at 2'30" and 2'50".
  • The screens are not of the same size, aspect ratio or format. This requires a sophisticated treatment of how the work will be reinterpreted for the site-specific area and on the screens available.
  • The work must sit within a very busy visual context. The submission should consider how the material will interact or counter the other content running simultaneously on static billboards, lighted signs and non-participating screens.
  • The process of translating the work across the individual screens requires a  considered edit
  • All licenses of the content (and content which references other content) must be the responsibility of the proposing body and artist. (This is one reason why it is necessary that all content proposed has been completed prior to submission)
  • Ability to work to present proposals to a high visual standard
  • Ability to work towards a tight timeframe
  • Please see the Archive for past examples.
  • We recommend that everyone who wishes to submit a proposal experience Midnight Moment prior to submittal. It runs every night in Times Square 11:57p.m. to Midnight; no RSVP or appointment is necessary.