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Times Square holds decades of history and mystique. Though moments and memories have come and gone over the years, you can still experience the gems of various eras in Times Square's storied past thanks to the Landmarks Law of 1965. These preserved structures include the interiors and exteriors of theaters, office buildings, hotels, schools, churches and restaurants. Learn more below about these physical monuments to Times Square's remarkable role in New York City history.

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Ambassador Theater 
215 W. 49th Street

Helen Hayes Theater
240 W. 44th St.

New York Times Building
217 W. 43rd St.

Barrymore Theater
243 W. 47th St.

Henry Miller Theater
124 W. 43rd St.

Palace Theater
1564 Broadway

Belasco's Stuyvesant Theater 
111 W. 44th St.

High School for the
Performing Arts
114. W. 46th St.

Paramount Hotel
235 W. 46th St.

Biltmore Theater
261 W. 47th St.

Hudson Theater
153 W. 44th St.

Plymouth Theater
234 W. 45th St.

Booth Theater
221. W. 44th St.

I. Miller Building
1552 Broadway

Paramount Building
1493 Broadway

Brill Building
1619 Broadway

Imperial Theater
249 W. 45th St.

Royale Theater
242 W. 45th St.

Broadhurst Theater
235 W. 44th St.

Knickerbocker Hotel
1462 Broadway

Shubert Theater
221 W. 44th St.

Brooks Atknison Theater
256 W. 47th St.

Longacre Theater
220 W. 48th St.

St. Mary's Church
143 W. 46th St.

Bush Tower
130 W. 42nd St.

Lunt-Fontanne Theater
203 W. 46th St.

The Gerard
123 W. 44th St.

Cort Theater
138 W. 48th St.

Lyceum Theater
149 W. 45th St.

The Lamb's Club
130 W. 44th St.

Embassy Theater
1560 Broadway

Magestic Theater
245 W. 45th St.

The Town Hall
113 W. 43rd St.

Etranger (St. James) Theater
246 W. 46th St.

Mark Hellinger Theater
217 W. 51st St.

Virginia Theater
243 W. 52nd St.

Eugene O'Neill Theater
230 W. 49th St.

Music Box Theater
239 W. 45th St.

Winter Garden Theater
1634 Broadway

Forty-Sixth Street Theater
226 W. 46th St.

Neil Simon Theater
244 W. 52nd St.


Golden Theater
252 W. 45th St.

New Amsterdam Theater
214 W. 42nd St.