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The Centennial Ball Light Show

Count down with the Ball, practice your New Year’s Eve kiss, and watch a spectacular five-minute light show at :05, :25 and :45 minutes. See the Ball’s 9,576 LEDs display flags from around the world, the four seasons, and more!


Entertaining America

Broadway is the creative and emotional core of Times Square. Here, the urges, fears and dreams of a nation are interpreted, represented and performed for all the world to see.

In the anonymous buildings behind the flashing signs, however, were the busy factories of American popular culture: Tin Pan Alley’s songwriters; vaudeville’s booking agents; Shubert’s command post for its network of theaters nationwide; the Actors’ Equity union; graphic and set designers, acting coaches. Times Square was a magnet for theatrical talent and audiences, and a slingshot, shooting out new elements of popular culture to the smallest towns across the country.

Broadway is ever mutating and re-inventing itself – responding to, incorporating and appearing in other art forms – moving from stage to screen and music hall and back again. But one constant is its representation of the dreams and determination of the creative spirit.

This exhibit alcove would not have been possible without the generous contributions of The Shubert Organization, The Nederlander Organization, and Jujamcyn Theatres.

Photo Credit: Paul Warchol


New Year’s Eve Wishing Wall

Wishing Wall 2

Since 1904, people from across the globe have gathered in Times Square to celebrate the New Year. It is a chance to remember and reflect on the year gone by. But above all it is a time when we dream of renewal, new hopes and new beginnings.

Participate in this annual ritual by writing your wish for the New Year on a piece of confetti for our New Year’s Eve Wishing Wall. Whether it is a dream for yourself, for someone you love, or for the world at large, if you write it here on a piece of confetti we will release it at midnight on New Year’s Eve for all the world to see. Find out more about the Wishing Wall.

What's Your Wish?

Blank confetti is available for free at the Times Square Store, or buy a complete Times Square confetti kit.

Photo Credit: Paul Warchol


Sex, Desire & Danger

Times Square has sold sex for over a century, in many guises. But sex can also be subtle here: boundaries are pushed and broken, and desire expressed. In short, Times Square has long been at the intersection of sexual expression and sexual exploitation.

Peep shows, replicated worldwide, represented another local invention fusing money, freedom, desire and technology. Times Square may seem tame today, but creativity, energy and edge are still all here. Theaters, nightclubs, advertisements, magazines and broadcast studios remain realms of fantasy and desire, where the day-to-day is displaced, sometimes challenged and yet always available – for a price.



PeepORamaThe Peep-O-Rama sign above once stood at 121 West 42nd Street, above the last adult emporium on 42nd Street, which closed in July 2002. Much like the Mutoscopes which flourished a century before in Times Square, the “peep booths” allowed people, with the drop of a coin and the aid of then cutting-edge technology, to view the forbidden and to feed their fantasies.

Photo Credit: Paul Warchol


TDF Costume Collection

Check out costumes from famous Broadway shows!

Visitor Center Broadway Costume 1 Visitor Center Broadway Costume 2 Visitor Center Broadway Costume 3


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