Update – March 22, 2021

We at the Alliance, like so many, are hurting and reflecting on recent events and join the call to end hate crimes and violence against the Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities.  We reaffirm our commitment to make Times Square safe for all people. 

To report criminal activity or suspected terrorism, please call 911.  For conditions or situations that require the immediate response of the Times Square Alliance, please call 212-452-5218.

With all of this in mind, we share these resources from our colleagues at the NYC Department of Small Business Services.

Are you or someone you know the victim of harassment? Call 311.

If you are the victim of a crime or witness a crime, call 911. NYPD officers are not allowed to ask about your immigration status. Learn more at nyc.gov/stopcovidhate

You can also report discrimination and harassment to NYC Commission on Human Rights at 212-416-0197 or online at http://nyc.gov/reportdiscrimination

For additional information and resources please visit: https://caasf.org/stop-aapi-hate/

Here is a list of community-based organzations with additional information and actions you can take.  This list will be updated as new resources appear online:  

A Statement: 6/5/2020

We at the Alliance, which like New York is diverse across race, age, gender identify, sex, religion, and national origin are reflecting on this year and wish to move into action.

Black Lives Matter.  Yet time and again we see the twisted and tortured legacy of this country’s past and present racism, and what that means for Black people. We acknowledge that, irrespective of intentions, the Alliance itself reflects and at times perpetuates our society’s historic inequities and injustices.

It is our hope that, through dialogue and sustained, concerted work, we may emerge on the other side of this better, wiser, stronger, and ultimately, more capable of hearing each other and healing each other.  Most importantly, it is our hope that we emerge into a more just, equitable, and decidedly less racist world.

As many have noted, however, words and hope are not enough. We at the Alliance must hold ourselves accountable and examine our complicity in the oppressive systems at work.  We must amplify the voices of people of color within the Alliance, in Times Square, New York City, the U.S. and beyond.  We will continue to work at the staff level to identify, articulate and implement specific actions we will take to match our aspirations, to listen and educate ourselves, and strive to be a catalyst to others in the Times Square community.  A key part of that is having conversations with our board and stakeholders about what can and should be done.

We will work on new ways to advocate for and support our Black colleagues, artists, and community members.  Our future as a humane society demands it. 

Speaking of support: within the Alliance, we wish to send a special message of gratitude to the Times Square Alliance’s public safety and sanitation workers, who continue to sustain Times Square each and every day so that we can regain our inner strength and rally again.  Beyond the Alliance, we are providing the links to organizations in New York and across the country that are dedicated to these aspirations. They are groups that you can donate to should you have the means, volunteer for should there be the opportunity, or follow to stay updated on calls to action. This list was researched and compiled by our staff, and is by no means comprehensive, but it is a start.   

The Times Square Alliance