The Alliance is now seeking expressions of interest from qualified companies to operate a tourism services booth in Times Square. Essential to this solicitation is that, regardless of the products the proposer will choose to sell to the public, quality, multi-lingual visitor services must be offered to the public at no cost whether they purchase from the Proposer or not.

Any company chosen to operate the booth will be required to offer general information services to the public from the booth. Beyond this requirement, it could sell any tickets or other services of interest to visitors that it wishes to sell, following preliminary approval by the Alliance. The proposer and the Alliance would agree to a scope of services and operations and a vision for the booth and its operation.

The Alliance is looking for the proposer to present a self-sustaining operation, which could make use of its existing structure – a ten foot by ten foot kiosk, using a generator for power – or a different structure, to be specified by the proposer.