2021 Entertainment

To continue the tradition of live music at Taste, we partnered with the Hell’s Kitchen Happiness Krewe, which uses artistic and musical performances to spread joy through the neighborhood and drive revenue to restaurants and other small businesses. They engage the community in song, dance, and visual art, all while wearing masks and remaining socially distanced. These performances popped up throughout Taste of Times Square Week 2021 between 6pm – 8pm in front of participating restaurants, and employed artists and musicians who have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.  

MONDAY, June 7th - Times Square & Restaurant Row

TSQ - Jersey Boys - Charl, Kris, Jonathan, Amira, Jacob (LIVE)

TSQ - Brassic Rock


TUESDAY, June 8th - Times Square & Restaurant Row

TSQ - Josh Roberts Trio plus singer and tapper 

Restaurant Row -Red and the Rocker 


WEDNESDAY, June 9th - Times Square & Restaurant Row

TSQ - Red and the Rocker

TSQ - Street Beat Brass Band

TSQ - Julia/Cirque Muse

Restaurant Row - Jess & Jacob


THURSDAY, June 10th - Times Square & Restaurant Row

TSQ - Sarah, Carmen, Dillon, Bass, Drums

Restaurant Row - Tony Glausi Trio


FRIDAY, June 11th -Brand New Day Fashion Show

More Details To Follow


FRIDAY, June 11th - Times Square & Restaurant Row

TSQ - Piano Men - Donnie Kehr Duo (dueling piano)

TSQ - Brassic Rock 

Restaurant Row - Vin Landolfi Duo


SATURDAY, June 12th  Times Square & Restaurant Row

TSQ -Tony Glausi Trio and Singer

TSQ - Fogo Azul drum line

Restaurant Row - Street Beat Brass


SUNDAY, June 13th - Taste of Times Square/TSQ & Restaurant Row

TSQ - Brian/YoYo

TSQ - Jefferson McDonald Duo

Restaurant Row - Carmen, Sarah, Dillon, Drums