Dear New Yorkers,

Times Square has always been a window into the soul of the city, a place which both reflects and projects our fantasies and our fears, our dreams and desires and aspirations. At times it reflects what we love most about New York and urban life, and other times it does not.

The physical transformation of Times Square’s most important public spaces has now been completed – starting with the transformation of Duffy Square in 2008, the closing of Broadway in 2009, and then the creation of paved pedestrian plazas.

Now is the time to articulate our aspirations for those public spaces. What do we want them to be, and what kind of place do we want Times Square – and by extension, New York – to be?
We want Times Square to be a hub that captures and celebrates our culture, in every sense of that word: our artistic and creative culture, our popular culture, our diverse cultures.

We want it to be a vibrant and democratic public space that exemplifies the civic, cultural and commercial life of our city, and of all great urban places.

We want it to be a place by, of and for New Yorkers, that we can then share proudly with the rest of the world.

In the pages of this website, we present ways in which we hope to realize this vision, where Times Square feeds on and feeds into the spirit of New York. We hope that it resonates. But most importantly, we hope that it triggers you to bring your talent, culture and creativity to Times Square.

Times Square Alliance