with the Strand

Wednesdays from 12-3pm, June & August 2019
At the Strand Book Store kiosk, Broadway Plaza between 43rd and 44th Streets 

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This unique weekly series in partnership with Strand Book Store consisted of free coloring sessions with one-of-a-kind coloring pages designed by the team behind Strand’s iconic tote bags, apparel, and merchandise, as well as custom pages from fan favorite Coloring Broadway. Seating, materials, and live music accompaniment were provided.


About Strand Book Store
Located on 12th and Broadway in New York City, Strand Book Store is a family owned, iconic literary destination with more than 90 years of history and 18 miles of books to prove it. Its unparalleled inventory of 2.5 million new, used and rare books and locally designed totes, gifts and apparel makes it easy, and exciting, to get lost in the stacks.

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About Coloring Broadway
Coloring Broadway pairs coloring and creativity with the transformative messages of musical theatre.  Their mission is to create opportunities to connect with and extend your theatre experience, to create space for pondering, self-reflection and growth - and to do it all while singing show tunes, of course!  Coloring Broadway is the brain child of Andrea Koehler and Justine Fisher (Coloring Broadway’s exclusive artist extraordinaire).

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