Ambient music by solo musicians from MTA Music Under New York

Monday - Friday, May to October 2019
Lunch 12-3pm
Happy Hour 5-8pm
Broadway Plazas between 42nd and 47th Streets

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Normally found in the subways, musicians from the MTA Music Under New York program joined us above ground for FREE performances again last summer. At Lunch and Happy Hour, audiences enjoyed New York City’s diversity and depth of talent with a bite and drink while relaxing in Times Square.


About Music Under New York (MTA MUSIC)
Through Music Under New York, more than 350 individual performers and ensembles participate in more than 7,500 performances in approximately 30 locations throughout the transit system annually. A variety of performers entertain the public, such as classical strings, jazz ensembles, world music bands, folk, a cappella groups, singer-songwriters and more, playing instruments ranging from Gambian kora, Korean drum, West Indian steel drums, Andean pipes, cello, Celtic and baroque harps to guitars, violins, hammered dulcimers and musical saws.

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Musicians include:

Gabriel Aldort: pop & jazz keyboard & vocals

Anthony Carrera: sitar & handpan

Michael Cassidy: pop guitar

Jake Chapman: vibraphone  

Oliver Dagum: singer-songwriter & guitar  

Welf Dorr: jazz saxophone

Nessa Dove: guitar & vocals   

Eyeglasses (Iain Forrest): electric cello 

Jason Green: jazz & blues guitar

Sean Grissom: classical & Cajun cello

Tara Hack: singer-songwriter & guitar

Erik Jacobson: classical cello

Susan Keser: pop & classical violin

Shogo Kubo: Spanish & classical guitar

Robert Lind: ragtime piano

Pete Margolis: blues guitar & harmonica 

The Opera Collective: making opera accessible

Thalys Peterson: Brazilian guitar

Glenn Roth: finger pick guitar

Jonathan Russell: violin looping

Nasim Siddeeq: R&B guitar & vocals

Scott Stenten: double-necked guitar

Geo Suquillo: Latin guitar

Sharon Yung: classical violinist