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29 Aug - 01 Feb
In partnership with House of Trees, Times Square Arts presents Word on the Street, a public art commission of political and poetic bann
01 Dec - 29 Dec
Your wishes will be added to the confetti that flutters down in the heart of Times Square on New Year's Eve!
01 Dec - 31 Dec
A hula-hooper uses her own body as an axis to spin glowing LED hoops.
06 Dec - 24 Dec
Charmin Restrooms are officially open in Times Square.
13 Dec - 21 Dec
Two giant, seven-foot-tall numerals – the “1” and “8” in 2-0-1-8 –  have arrived in Times Square for public photo ops!  After their stay in the plazas,
21 Dec - 23 Dec
The New York Times raved ..."Darlene Love's thunderbolt voice is as embedded in the history of rock and roll as Eric Clapton's guitar or Bob Dylan's lyr