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Midnight Moment: Nature Abstraction
Matteo Zamagni
March 1-31 | 11:57pm - midnight
Times Square's Electronic Billboards
42nd-49th Sts, btwn Broadway & 7th Ave

London-based artist Matteo Zamagni uses fractal formulas to model man-made, organic and ethereal forms. Filtering the results through Google’s Deep Dream, the artist flattens his virtual reality to put the visitors of Times Square at the center of it all.

What to watch for: Abstract, planet-like fractals appearing across the screens of Times Square.


XXX Project Image

Juergen Mayer H./J.MAYER.H and Partners
Currently open
Broadway Pedestrian Plaza between 43rd and 44th Sts

XXX brings us the future of public-space seating at the Crossroads of the World. Referencing the 'X' of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, Times Square's seedy past or the love sent at the end of a text or postcard, artist and architext Juergen Mayer H. has created a way to lean back for a refreshing perspective on Times Square.

What to watch for: Three X-shaped, almost horizontal outdoor loungers that can fit up to four people.