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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Ryder & Hazel

Ryder & Hazel at Aspen Social Club. Photograph by Ka-Man Tse for @TSqArts.

Aspen Social Club

157 W 47th Street
New York, NY

Cabin Fever: An Alpine Fantasy

An evening of music and movement with The Drums, Ryder & Hazel and Kimisin Kreft. Brooklyn-based indie pop band The Drums create a sound installation that provides ambient sounds inspired by the 1950s and 60s, spiked with howling wind and the crackle of a warming fire.  Singer Kimisin Kreft performs a special music set incorporating an insect motif in the cabin-like space.  Performer Ryder Cooley is joined by Hazel, a taxidermy sheep head, to create a bittersweet performance of ballads mixing the haunting sound of the singing saw, accordion, and ukulele.  The evening culminates with this uncanny world of Ryder & Hazel merging with Kimisin Kreft in an unique sound experience.



About After Hours

After Hours is a series of ephemeral installations and performances hidden amongst the Times Square district's diverse set of venues and documented for radio broadcast and an artist video series. Taking advantage of the twilight moment before midnight, and a surreal array of different settings nestled throughout the Times Square area, the Times Square Alliance, in partnership with Clocktower, offer tantalizing glimpses of these spaces as creative catalysts. Pairing musicians and artists with each of these unique contexts, the artists create work specifically designed to draw on the neighborhood's history as a social and artistic melting pot. The fleeting nature of these late night experiences highlights the power found in taking the synchronicity and spontaneity of an After Hours encounter beneath the bright lights, and using it to inspire and indicate future audio, video, and performance work.


About the Artists

The Drums

Emerging from Brooklyn via Florida in 2009, The Drums initially caught the ear of the indie world with their Summertime! EP.  It was an escapist collection of beach pop fantasies; tracks suffused with a wistful, longing nostalgia that never pandered to cheap sentimentality.  Founding members Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham trace their friendship back to childhood summer camp, and the pair formed the electro-pop duo Goat Explosion while they were still in their teens.  After that band split, the two pursued various projects, reconnecting in 2008 and eventually forming The Drums.  Early buzz led to a prestigious spot on the BBC Sound of 2010 shortlist, followed in short succession by a slot on the Shockwaves NME Tour in 2009, and the publication’s Phillip Hall Radar Award in early 2010, well before the album’s release that summer.  Their self-titled debut LP was bifurcated into a first half dedicated to more upbeat pop songs, and a second half revealing a darker, more introspective side of the band.  Portamento, their most recent album, was released in September 2011.  As Jonny explains, this new album reveals a more intimate and personal side of the band: "It's like every song is a scene from real life. I think from beginning to end it's sort of autobiographical for me.  This new album touches on everything from my extreme religious roots to transgenderism to violence, and of course there's plenty of heartbreak stuff, which I couldn't get away from even if I tried."  Visit www.thedrums.com.

Ryder & Hazel

C. Ryder Cooley is an artist, musician & performer.  Hazel is a disembodied (taxidermy) ram.  As hybrid-performers they create site-responsive/durational performances and installations, as well as aerial acrobatics and bittersweet ballads on accordion, singing saw and ukulele.  In her collaborative afterlife, Hazel is re-embodied and trans-gendered as Ryder’s spirit animal.  Their new album, XMALIA, was released in March 2013. Ryder received a BFA in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1993 and an MFA in Integrated Electronic Arts at Renesselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2008.  Ryder has participated in a wide variety of exhibitions, performances, collaborations, public works and educational projects.  Her work has been presented at locations including: White Box and Exit Art galleries in NYC; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and Theater Artaud in San Francisco; Robert Wilson Watermill Center on Long Island, NY; Pan American Art Projects in Miami, FL; Dorsky Museum in New Paltz, NY; Proctors Mainstage Theater in Schenectady, NY; and public art projects in Indonesia, El Salvador, France and the Czech Republic.  She lives between Hudson, NY and N. Adams, MA and currently works at MCLA Gallery 51.  Visit http://crydercooley.com/

Kimisin Kreft

Raised on a military base in Indonesia and having spent eight years as a nun on the Isle of Wright, 27 year-old Kimisin Kreft begins anew as a singer and composer.  Producer Riyoji Shinota provides backing music for her neo-pastoral love songs, written all at once during Kreft's last days in the abbey.  Performed selections will be from Kreft's upcoming debut album, 'Arcadia', combining clarinet with electronic cicadas, churchbells with synthesizer, and 1950's parlor cha-cha with Kimisin's enraptured, pearlescent voice.

About Clocktower Productions

Clocktower Productions is an art production institution working in the visual arts, performance, music, and radio. Founded in 1972 in Lower Manhattan by Alanna Heiss, Clocktower is the oldest alternative art project in New York. For 40 years, the institution has produced seminal exhibitions and performances by some of the most important artists of our time. After leaving its historic Tribeca tower in December 2013, Clocktower immediately engaged in contracted program partnerships with six cultural institutions in three boroughs. Clocktower produces multidisciplinary art projects all over the city through these creative collaborations with Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Knockdown Center in Queens, Playland Motel & Gallery in Far Rockaway, and Times Square Arts, Neuehouse, and Red Bull Studios in Manhattan. These spaces host Clocktower exhibitions, performances, residencies, radio, and administrative activities. Visit Clocktower.org for more information. Follow @Clocktower_NYC.

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kimisin kreft twirling
Kimisin Kreft at Aspen Social Club. Photograph by Nadia Witte for @TSqArts
sound guy cabin fever
Cabin Fever: An Alpine Fantasy at Aspen Social Club. Photograph by Nadia Witte for @TSqArts

cabin fever crowd

Cabin Fever: An Alpine Fantasy at Aspen Social Club. Photograph by Nadia Witte for @TSqArts

Hazel closeup
Ryder & Hazel and Kimisin Kreft at Aspen Social Club. Photograph by Ka-Man Tse for @TSqArts