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Temporary Art Gallery on Vinyl Mesh
Construction Fencing

Transformation_JR_2013Turning Times Square Inside Out, JR. Photograph by @TSqArts


Starting this September, the New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC) and Times Square Arts have partnered to turn the construction fences in Times Square into a large scale canvas for a rotating contemporary art gallery. For the inaugural exhibition of the Times Square Transformation, a multi-year renovation project Times Square Transformation of the Broadway Pedestrian Plazas, JR returns to Times Square to turn it inside out, this time using just the eyes of New Yorkers and tourists that were photographed as part of his INSIDE OUT NEW YORK CITY project this past spring. Turning Times Square INSIDE OUT will be on view through January 2014.

Transformation_JR2_2014 Turning Times Square Inside Out, JR. Photograph by @TSqArts

transformation_JR3_2013Turning Times Square Inside Out, JR. Photograph by @TSqArts



TSqT is seeking artists and curators to make submissions that explore the themes of transformation, systems and exchanges, which characterize both the infrastructure beneath Times Square as well as the cultural life above. The visual artwork must consider a modular design for two sizes of vinyl mesh that will be affixed to the metal fencing used to section off construction areas. Throughout the physical transformation of the Broadway Plazas and Duffy Square, the construction fencing will be moved many times to adjust to the irregularly-shaped areas and moving work orders. As contractors may change the locations of individual fence sections and entire areas at unpredictable times of the night and day, it is necessary that the submissions consider unlimited arrangements of the fencing.

As Times Square is a dynamic and diverse commercial site, TSqT is looking for ambitious artwork that will be appropriate for all round-the-clock audiences, but still communicates the sense of edginess that has been at the cornerstone of the Times Square identity. TSqT will consider artists, designers and curators of NYC institutions who may want to use this outdoor gallery for new works or as an extension of existing exhibitions. This display should function as an independent exhibit on its own right and not require explanatory text. For the first round of applicants, there are opportunities for 150+ unique panels on ‘bicycle’ barriers.


  • To provide a temporary gallery for contemporary artists of two-dimensional work that is printed onto vinyl covers for the metal construction fencing
  • To reflect the history & vibrancy of Times Square itself
  • To generate curiosity and pride in the complexity of public works and infrastructure
  • To display original and innovative artwork
  • To raise awareness of the creative role and commitment of Times Square Arts throughout the construction process
  • To maintain a visually-exciting exhibition that is subject to unpredictable placements of the fencing
  • To consider the outdoor conditions and duration of the display


Professional artists, designers and curators of NYC organizations/institutions (applicants) are encouraged to apply.


Between September 2013 and Spring/Fall 2015, TSqT will produce up to six exhibitions. Each exhibit will be on display for two to six months. Dates and duration may vary due to the needs of the site, the intensity of the construction and other unforeseen issues.


The reconstruction project area encompasses Duffy Square and the Broadway Plazas, between 41st to 47th Streets, Broadway to Seventh Avenue, Manhattan, New York, 10036. Please see location plan.


Plazas 42nd to 44th will be completely closed to pedestrians and under construction through December 2013. The plazas north of 44th will be under construction over the next two years. Works may shift block by block or by project. Therefore, positions of the fences will change throughout the construction process and we will not be able to guarantee locations.