Looking to get more out of your Times Square? Join the Crossroads Program.

Crossroads is the Alliance’s free benefits program for area employees and residents that aims to make the best of the neighborhood more accessible to the local community.

As a Times Square employee or resident, you contribute your time and energy every day to make our neighborhood the creative and vibrant epicenter of New York City, and you deserve something in return. We want to bring you meaningful discounts at neighborhood restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, and tell you about events and news around Times Square.

Want to stop by John's Pizzeria but don't have time to wait in line? Use the app to skip the line at John's! In addition to getting your slice faster, this spring and summer you can get 15% off your bill at Bourbon Street Bar & Grille, 20% off at Poke Signature, a BOGO happy hour drink at Opry City Stage, and more. You can also get 10% off your bill at all TSQ MKT food kiosks all the time. That means more empanadas, tacos, ice cream, wafels, and other treats to brighten your day!

To take advantage of these offers, just download the Crossroads app now from the Microsoft App Store, Google Play and Apple App Store

And for more information on the program and to receive our monthly newsletter with updates about the neighborhood, sign up now.


Crossroads Program FAQ

What is the Crossroads Program & Mobile App?

The Crossroads Program is the Times Square Alliance’s benefits program for local employees and residents. The Crossroads mobile app, the cornerstone of the program, enables the Times Square Alliance to directly notify users about exclusive deals and events and provide Insider content just for locals.

Which businesses participate and what types of deals do they offer?

Under the new program launched in 2017, the Alliance promotes fewer deals with deeper discounts for a shorter period of time than ever before, enabling us to work with more of our businesses throughout the year. Offers range from 20% off at a happy hour to discounts on entertainment venues and shopping. Check back frequently to see what’s new on the Crossroads app.

As a business in Times Square, how can I get involved in the Crossroads Program?

We are looking for creative neighborhood partners who are interested in offering exclusive discounts and opportunities in Times Square. Participation in the program is free. Please email Crossroads@TimesSquareNYC.org for more information on how to promote your business with local employees and residents.

How can I enjoy the benefits of the Crossroads Program?

Download the Crossroads App in the Apple Store, the Windows Store, or Google Play. The app contains three sections: Deals, Events, and Insider. To redeem a deal, make sure you’re at the deal location; when you press “Redeem Now,” show the redemption screen to your sales associate or server. Check out upcoming neighborhood events in the Events tab, and discover new facets of the district with Insider posts.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

Please email Crossroads@TimesSquareNYC.org for more information.

I work at a large company or corporate office. How can I get all our Times Square employees access to this program?

Contact us at Crossroads@TimesSquareNYC.org and set up a time to meet with our Community Development Coordinator to learn how we can work together to reach your employees.

Have a different question for us?

Please email Crossroads@TimesSquareNYC.org and we’ll get back to you.

What is the Times Square Alliance?

The Times Square Alliance works to improve and promote Times Square - cultivating the creativity, energy and edge that have made the area an icon of entertainment, culture and urban life for over a century. Founded in 1992, the Alliance keeps the neighborhood clean and safe, promotes local businesses, manages area improvements and produces major annual events with partners, including New Year's Eve, Solstice in Times Square and Taste of Times Square. As the custodians of Times Square, the Alliance works everyday to improve the quality of life for the neighborhood residents and businesses while driving economic growth in New York City.