Catch up over shared meals, drinks, and laughs. Check out our curated Dining Guide to find the best-of local eateries, cafes, bistros, and bars for hidden gem dining experiences, go-to lunch spots, family-friendly establishments, and unforgettable post-show meals.

Historic Restaurant Row
Taste cuisines from around the world on a single block in the heart of Times Square. Restaurant Row on 46th Street boasts over a century of culinary history, making this historic block between Eighth and Ninth Avenues an icon of NYC culture. Explore cuisines from Italy, Japan, France, the Caribbean, and more, nestled in the beautiful architecture of the Theater District. No matter what you’re craving, Restaurant Row has something for you and your crew.

Finer Dining
The Theater District is home to some of New York City’s most renowned restaurants. Whether you’re looking for that traditional white tablecloth atmosphere, an upscale vegan menu, or a seat at a tiny but exclusive sushi counter, Times Square is the place to enjoy a perfect *chef’s kiss* meal.

Casual Eats
Looking for your new go-to? Check out some of these Times Square hidden gems serving up delectable dishes at affordable price points. Grab authentic cubanos or epic Italian sandwiches, try some of the city’s best tacos, or sip and snack at an outdoor beer garden in the middle of Times Square.

For the Whole Family
We all miss the energy, warmth, and comfort that comes from sharing big meals with family and loved ones. Experience the very best of Times Square’s restaurant scene that caters to both large groups and picky eaters alike. Don’t miss wow-factor portions, comfort foods like Italian dishes and diner fare, and atmospheres the whole family will love.

Just Drinks
Whether you’re starting the night with a quick sip before a Broadway show, or looking to share a nightcap, check out Times Square’s best and most unique bars. Find cozy spots to share a bottle of wine, the best rooftops to sip craft cocktails overlooking the city, or truly unique experiences at themed, hidden, and Instagram-worthy bars.

Something Sweet
Searching for a freshly-baked breakfast, a midafternoon treat, or a post-Broadway dessert? From fluffy matcha cream puffs and specialty doughnuts to rose-shaped gelato and trendy fro yo, these local bakeries and ice cream shops have goodies to satisfy any sweet tooth.