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Times Square: Where Culture, Creativity, and Commerce meet at the Crossroads

If you're looking for commercial office space in Manhattan, why not look someplace where your employees have easy access to transportation, dining, entertainment, and more? Discover what Times Square has to offer you and your business.

1. Crossroads: Unparalleled access to a mix of transit, people, and activities

  • Eleven subway lines go directly to Times Square – more than any other subway stop with four more going to Bryant Park, just one block away.
  • Times Square-42nd Street and the Port Authority Bus Terminal are served by more transit lines than any other station citywide.
  • 5-10 minute walk to Grand Central Station.

No matter where your employees are from, they'll be able to get to Times Square.

2. Commerce: Extraordinary mix of dining, retail, tourism, and office options

You want to locate in an area where amenities such as restaurants, retailers, hotels, and after-work options are readily available. In Times Square, your employees can enjoy hundreds of dining options, vibrant retail stores of all varieties; gyms and fitness centers; and dozens of possibilities for entertainment and other activities.

  • Several restaurants with a Zagat food rating of 4.5 or higher like Aureole, Sushi Seki, and Sushi of Gari
  • Locally-based food and beverage options like Dig Inn, The Little Beet, Los Tacos No. 1 and more.

3. Culture: Greatest concentration of theater and entertainment options on the planet

In addition to hosting 38 out of the 40 Broadway theaters, Times Square also boasts multiple entertainment venues, including movie theaters, performance venues, comedy clubs, experiential attractions, and more.

  • Convenient access to discount Broadway tickets through the Times Square TKTS booth, located on 47th Street
  • Experiential entertainment like National Geographer Encounter: Ocean Odyssey
  • Music venues and comedy clubs like Carolines on Broadway, Iridium, Sony Hall, and more

4. Creativity: Hub for arts, media, entertainment, and technology

Times Square continues to attract and retain marquee new economy tenants. Since 2010, the largest employment gains in Times Square have been in Technology, Advertising, Media, and Information (TAMI) firms.