As part of its mission to promote the economic growth of the Times Square district, the Times Square Alliance collects data on a large number of the district's key indicators, including real estate markets, retail opportunities, pedestrian flows, and demographics. This data, which is summarized in annual and monthly reports, allows us to gain a better understanding of how Times Square is progressing as an economic center of New York City.

The Alliance also collects detailed information on the district's commercial real estate, hotel, and entertainment markets. To request this data or more information on any report, please contact Rachel Neches, Policy & Data Analyst.

To access our archive of past reports and chart the long-term evolution of the district along with our recent financial statements, click the link below.

Weekly Report

View the latest Times Square Economic Development and Operations Report for the week of 3/13/23 – 3/19/23. These reports include information on pedestrian counts, business, commercial real estate, and public space conditions.

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Pedestrian Counts

It should be no surprise that Times Square has some of the heaviest foot traffic in all of New York City. The Times Square automated counting system – phased in between August 2011 and September 2012 – provides 24/7/365 data on the number of pedestrians who enter and pass through specific counting zones of Times Square.

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Transit Ridership

At the heart of midtown, Times Square is a critical hub in the MTA subway network with five stations within the district boundaries. Browse recent numbers on average daily ridership and historical data about the increase of average daily ridership over the past several decades.

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Monthly Indicator Reports

Take the pulse of Times Square with the Times Square Alliance's monthly indicator reports. These documents provide convenient snapshots of the area's economic progress and quality of life improvements. Monthly reports include retail, commercial real estate, hotels, entertainment, and pedestrian trends in the Times Square district.

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Special Reports & Demographics

In addition to our annual and monthly reporting, the Times Square Alliance commissions stand-alone studies to better understand the unique characteristics of our district, our visitors, our employees, and our residents. Browse special reports and demographic data.

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