The information below refers to NYE 2021. More information about NYE 2022 will be released when it is available.

Thanks for your interest in photographing from the production riser on New Year’s Eve.
In response to COVID-19, the event is being guided by strict health and safety protocol, as mandated by the city and state. This protocol limits capacity on the production riser, and as such, we are unable to accommodate a large number of photographers on the production riser this year.
In an effort to create a fair system for all, we partnered with the New York Press Photographers Association to develop an independent photo pool, which will receive one placement on the production riser.
This pool will be managed independently by Bruce Cotler, President of the New York Press Photographers Association. To be considered for this pool, please reach out to him directly at The pool will be distributed via all major wire services i.e. A.P, Reuters, AFP, EPA, Getty, UPI and Bloomberg.
Additionally, please note that if you have a valid NYPD DCPI-issued press credential, you can enter the outer perimeter of Times Square to capture outdoor photography. This area will be accessible after 3 PM on December 31 via a checkpoint located at 44th Street and 8th Avenue. You will not be able to enter the closed film-permitted area.

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