The information below refers to NYE 2021. More information about NYE 2022 will be released when it is available.

As announced in September, the annual Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration will take place on December 31, with widespread adjustments due to COVID-19 health and safety requirements. These changes will impact all aspects of the live production, from permitting to staging to staffing. While the New Year’s Eve Ball will drop just before midnight, and select performances will occur for televised audiences only, the event will look and feel very different, most notably with the absence of the general public/revelers.   This year, the event will be permitted as a private film set, and will strictly limit the number of authorized persons allowed inside the permitted zone as per COVID-19 protocols. Our highest priority for Times Square New Year’s Eve is to keep event staff, media, and all New Yorkers as safe as possible

With this awareness in mind, the event will not be able to process additional Media Street Access credentials through the usual protocol vetted by the NYPD. 

If you have a valid NYPD DCPI-issued press credential, you can enter the outer perimeter of Times Square after 3pm on December 31, 2020 via a checkpoint located at 44th Street and 8th Avenue. You will not be able to enter the closed film-permitted area. Please stay safe and stay distanced; make sure to respect the space of those around you.

The event organizers appreciate the considerable interest by media to cover the event and understand that the event holds major news significance especially this year. With that in mind, the following is available to you for coverage:

Photos and Broll can be found here:

Live webcast details can be found here:

Pool feed details can be found here:

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