The Operations Division of the Times Square Alliance seeks to facilitate a world-class experience for all those who live, work, & visit Times Square. The Alliance Public Safety Department and Sanitation Department help maintain the beauty and vibrancy of the neighborhood year-round.


To report criminal activity or suspected terrorism, please call 911. For a condition that requires the immediate response of the Times Square Alliance, please call 212-452-5218.

To report non-emergency conditions such as persons in need of assistance (if an immediate 911 response is not required), perennial criminal activity or rule violations, illegal vending, street defects, overflowing garbage receptacles, darkened streetlights, con artist activity, and other issues, use report it ®. You can do so by texting Streetwatch to 63975, or by making a report online in English, Spanish, or Chinese.


Times Square Alliance Public Safety Officers (PSOs) patrol the district 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As the eyes and ears of the Alliance, they work with NYPD to keep Times Square safe. They also provide information to visitors and work closely with city partners to maintain quality-of-life throughout the district.


The Alliance's team of 70 Sanitation Associates works tirelessly to keep Times Square clean and beautiful for more than 300,000 daily visitors. From removing stickers on lamp posts to pieces of gum on Duffy Square, to setting up for major events, the Sanitation Department's work is integral to day-to-day life in Times Square.

The Times Square Alliance strives to address all concerns. While we can address certain conditions, others will need to be referred to various city agencies or will require a longer term strategic response. The Alliance will report these conditions to the appropriate city agencies, and we will follow up after reporting.  We may also contact you to obtain more information and for your assistance in solutions.

With respect to people who are emotionally troubled or addicted, the emphasis is on a focused and compassionate approach which offers them a path to health, recovery, and restoration, rather than displacement or arrest. Law enforcement will be on hand only to address threatening or violent behaviors. This health-driven approach will take time but is appropriate.

Our Public Safety team works 24/7 for immediate concerns and/or response and can be reached at 212-452-5218.  Notifications of perennial conditions requiring strategic longer-term responses will be handled during normal business hours.  Thank you for your help in keeping Times Square safe and secure.