Times Square Alliance Public Safety Officers are an important and positive presence within Times Square. Not only do PSOs work with NYPD 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help keep Times Square safe, but they also act as liaisons between the Alliance and various city agencies to help maintain quality of life throughout the district. PSOs track and refer various conditions throughout the neighborhood to the appropriate channels.


Public Safety Officers assist the NYPD in deterring crime as they patrol the district on foot. PSOs are also certified in anti-terrorism training and are connected to a 24-hour dispatcher through mobile tablets and radios. They conduct the following operations to keep the district safe:

  • Canine Patrols: The Alliance has initiated regular patrols by bomb-sniffing canine units to provide an additional security presence and a highly visible deterrent. It has long been said that the Times Square Alliance's Public Safety Officers are the "eyes and ears" of the NYPD in Times Square - now, these canine units will serve as the "nose!"
  • Vehicle Bomb Security: The Alliance has taken several steps to guard against possible vehicle bombs, encouraging proactive security procedures for private security officers around the perimeters of their facilities.
  • Light Poles: The streets are brighter and safer since the Alliance installed a series of light poles to flood the sidewalks of the side streets with pools of light and illuminate landmark buildings.
  • Flash Bulletins: The Alliance regularly provides flash email bulletins, informing local businesses and residents of any important information or developments affecting Times Square. You can sign up for flash email bulletins by clicking this link or visiting tsqflash.org and selecting “SIGN UP”. You can also find these alerts on Twitter at @TSq_Flash.


As "New York's Most Helpful," Public Safety Officers double as information agents. PSOs are a friendly and helpful resource in finding your way around the neighborhood and learning about daily activities and events in times Square. Don’t be shy - talk to your friendly neighborhood Public Safety Officer today.


Alliance Public Safety Officers participate in regular surveys to monitor conditions in Times Square, tracking various conditions within the district. PSOs also speak regularly with business owners and employees of ground-floor retail spaces to discuss constituent concerns and other important information. PSOs work closely with Breaking Ground to monitor the numbers of homeless in the area as well as connect those individuals with various social services in the city.


Public Safety Officers conduct regular security checks for suspicious materials using specially trained canine dogs that can detect hazardous or potentially-dangerous substances around the neighborhood.


Everyday, Public Safety Officers report dozens of conditions in Times Square to internal and city agencies, working to identify and correct conditions before visitors even notice them. The Alliance also collects detailed information on the district's quality of life street conditions. If you have questions or would like to report a specific quality of life condition please email StreetWatch@TimesSquareNYC.org.