Below you can find a list of shows coming to Broadway in upcoming weeks and months.

February 2018

Marquis Theatre
Previews Begin: February 16, 2018
Opens: March 15, 2018

Imagine a place where the sun is hot, the ocean’s warm, and the drinks are as cold as they are plentiful. Welcome to Margaritaville, the island paradise where city folk get away from it all and the locals get into the kind of trouble you can almost always sweet talk your way out of. Featuring both original songs and your most-loved Jimmy Buffett classics, this new musical is the story of a part-time bartender, part-time singer, and full-time charmer named Tully who thinks he’s got life all figured out. Until a beautiful career-minded tourist steals his heart and makes him question everything.

St. James Theatre
Previews Begin: February 22, 2018
Opens: March 22, 2018

Frozen is the timeless tale of two sisters, pulled apart by a mysterious secret. As one young woman struggles to find her voice and harness her powers within, the other embarks on an epic adventure to bring her family together once and for all. Both are searching for love; they just don't know where to find it.

Neil Simon Theatre
Previews Begin: February 23, 2018
Opens: March 25, 2018
Closes: July 1, 2018

A quarter-century after stunning the theater world, one of the greatest theatrical journeys of our time returns to Broadway in an acclaimed new production from the National Theatre. As politically incendiary as any play in the American canon, Angels in America also manages to be, at turns, hilariously irreverent and heartbreakingly humane. It is also astonishingly relevant, speaking every bit as urgently to our anxious times as it did when it first premiered. Tackling Reaganism, McCarthyism, immigration, religion, climate change, and AIDS against the backdrop of New York City in the mid- 1980’s, no contemporary drama has succeeded so indisputably with so ambitious a scope.

John Golden Theatre
Previews Begin: February 27, 2018
Opens: March 29, 2018

Two-time Academy Award winner Glenda Jackson makes her return to Broadway alongside three-time Emmy and Tony Award winner Laurie Metcalf and Tony nominee Alison Pill in the Broadway premiere of Edward Albee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece, Three Tall Women. Three women of different ages talk about their lives and their relationships with their families. Gradually it emerges that they may all be the same woman.

Imperial Theatre
Previews Begin: February 28, 2018
Opens: April 12, 2018

Set in a small New England factory town, Carousel describes the tragic romance between a troubled carnival barker and the young woman who gives up everything for him. Elevated to an epic scale with a sweeping musical score and incandescent ballet sequences, this story of passion, loss and redemption introduced Broadway to a new manner of musical drama. Rodgers & Hammerstein's timeless musical comes to life in a new production starring Tony Award nominee Joshua Henry, Tony winner Jessie Mueller and Renée Fleming in her first-ever appearance in a Broadway musical.

March 2018

Helen Hayes Theatre
Previews Begin: March 1, 2018
Opens: March 26, 2018

The lobby of a Manhattan apartment building is much more than a waiting area for four New Yorkers involved in a murder investigation. It’s a testing ground for what happens when personal and professional personas find themselves at odds. A young security guard with big ambitions clashes with his stern boss, an intense rookie cop and her unpredictable partner in a play from the 2017 Oscar-winning writer of Manchester by the Sea.

Lyric Theatre
Previews Begin: March 6, 2018
Opens: April 22, 2018

This original stage play continues the story of former boy wizard Harry Potter, his friends, and his son, in a time-traveling adventure to save the world from the evil Lord Voldemort.

August Wilson Theatre
Previews Begin: March 12, 2018
Opens: April 8

A musical adaptation of the hit 2004 film comedy about rivalries among high school girls.

Broadway Theatre
Performances Begin: March 20, 2018
Closes: April 29, 2018

The anthems of Queen and Journey meet the odes of Beethoven. The power of Zeppelin merges with the poetry of Puccini. The greatness of The Who blends with the grandeur of Strauss. This is Rocktopia, a multimedia extravaganza that fuses iconic 20th century rock with world-renowned classical compositions, featuring five world-class vocalists backed by a full symphony orchestra, an electrifying rock band and a powerhouse choir.

Studio 54 Theatre
Previews Begin: March 22, 2018

Revival of the 1980s play. A speech therapist who works at a school for the deaf attempts to teach the school's deaf cleaning woman to speak and read lips. They fall in love, but she refuses to learn speech, which complicates their relationship. As their relationship heats up, so does their need for control, igniting an exploration of passion, intimacy, and connection.

Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre
Previews Begin: March 22, 2018
Opens: April 26, 2018
Closes: July 1, 2018

Denzel Washington returns to Broadway in a revival of Eugene O'Neill's classic play.

Lunt-Fontanne Theatre
Previews Begin: March 28, 2018
Opens: April 23, 2018

Told through the dramatic lens of her final concert, Summer: The Donna Summer Musical presents the complexities and conflicts the famed songwriter and singer faced in her meteoric rise and descent. The show features a score with more than 20 of Summer's classic hits including “Love to Love You, Baby,” “Bad Girls” and “Hot Stuff.”

American Airlines Theatre
Previews Begin: March 29, 2018
Opens: April 24, 2018

Revival. Travesties focuses on Henry Carr, who reminisces about Zürich in 1917 during World War I. The play follows his interactions with Tristan Tzara during the rise of Dada, James Joyce while he was writing Ulysses, and Lenin leading toward the Russian Revolution.

April 2018

Samuel J. Friedman Theatre
Previews Begin: April 3, 2018
Opens: April 25, 2018

Set in 15th-century France, Saint Joan follows a country girl whose mysterious visions propel her into elite circles. When the nation’s rulers become threatened by her popularity and influence, they unite to bring her down and she finds herself on trial for her life.

Booth Theatre
Previews Begin: April 30, 2018
Opens: TBA
Closes: August 12, 2018

The Boys in the Band centers on a group of gay men who gather in an NYC apartment for a friend’s birthday party. After the drinks are poured and the music is turned up, the evening slowly exposes the fault lines beneath their friendships and the self-inflicted heartache that threatens their solidarity.