Below you can find a list of shows coming to Broadway in upcoming weeks and months.

April 2018

Samuel J. Friedman Theatre
Previews Begin: April 3, 2018
Opens: April 25, 2018

Set in 15th-century France, Saint Joan follows a country girl whose mysterious visions propel her into elite circles. When the nation’s rulers become threatened by her popularity and influence, they unite to bring her down and she finds herself on trial for her life.

Booth Theatre
Previews Begin: April 30, 2018
Opens: May 31, 2018
Closes: August 12, 2018

The Boys in the Band centers on a group of gay men who gather in an NYC apartment for a friend’s birthday party. After the drinks are poured and the music is turned up, the evening slowly exposes the fault lines beneath their friendships and the self-inflicted heartache that threatens their solidarity.