To advertise on Times Square's digital screens and billboards, please contact the individual signholders, listed below.



ABC Supersign

The 3,685-square foot electronic icon in Times Square is known to millions worldwide for its signature wavy LED ribbons, eye-catching curved ticker and daily exposure on ABC's 'Good Morning America'. The ABC Supersign now includes a wide range of innovative interactive features and is among the "must-see" attractions for the 1.5 million tourists and residents that pass through Times Square daily.

For more information, please contact:

Adam Polcek, Vice President of Sales
77 West 67th Street
New York, NY 10023

American Eagle Times Square

American Eagle billboard

American Eagle Outfitters has opened one of the highest profile retail locations in the world located in the heart of Times Square! With over 25,000 square feet, four levels and 15,000 square feet of LED signs, AE has an unbelievable destination and "footprint" for branding on a global scale. It is located directly across from Father Duffy Square, allowing for pedestrians to sit and relax while viewing brand messages

For more information, please contact:

Adam Polcek, Vice President of Sales
77 West 67th Street
New York, NY 10023

Branded Cities

The Branded Cities Network is a digital and spectacular media company with the most iconic signage in Times Square, including the Nasdaq Tower and the Thomson Reuter sign. Through “Brandscaping”, Branded Cities focuses on providing unique solutions for brands to help them reach the ever-elusive consumer. Brandscaping is achieved by combining static and digital spectacular signage, with branded entitlements (plazas, parks and public spaces), product-purchase integration, mobile marketing, social media and other engaging technologies.
When put into action, Brandscaping allows brands to be experienced multi-dimensionally in a controlled environment, reaching consumers with entertaining elements that produce instant results.

Branded Cities 7 TSQ

This iconic unit is positioned at the most prominent focal point in all of Times Square. Poised directly above the famous New Year’s Eve Ball, this unit not only displays to the one million people that pack Times Square on December 31st, but also to the one billion people worldwide who watch the televised broadcast. This LED display is the perfect branding opportunity to command the attention of millions of tourists year-round as they set their sights and cameras towards one of the most highly photographed icons in all of Times Square

Branded Cities NASDAQ

This iconic LED display stands over seven stories tall and commands the attention of the bustling vehicular and pedestrian traffic making its way in and out of America's #1 Tourist Destination. This digital behemoth receives worldwide media attention coverage during the famous New Year's Eve Ball Drop while towering over the masses and is capable of full-motion video, live simulcasted events, interactive engagement, and social media feeds making this one of the most powerful and evocative DOOH displays in all of Times Square.

Branded Cities Thomson Reuters

Standing at 22 stories tall, the Thomson Reuters sign consists of 11 uniquely-sized, high definition LED screens and state-of-the-art technology capable of full-motion video, simulcast events, mobile interactivity, social media integration and much more. It shows prominently to the hundreds of thousands of vehicles and pedestrians that make their way through Times Square each day.  In addition, this iconic display lies directly adjacent to 1 Times Square, home of the famous New Year's Eve Ball.

For more information, please contact:

Denise Levine
Additional information can be found at

City Outdoor USA

City Outdoor USA has a strong presence in Times Square in large format billboards. Our event marketing company, City Eventions has custom-tailored numerous special events in the Square for a wide variety of clients.

For more information, please contact:

Dawn Del Mastro-Chruma
Director of Sales
(212) 736-9400 x 202
Additional information can be found at

Clear Channel Outdoor

Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE: CCO) is the US market leader in spectacular sign displays and has long dominated Times Square. With close to one million displays in over 50 countries across 5 continents,  Clear Channel offers innovative out-of-home media and marketing solutions including:

  • Spectacular Billboards
  • Full Motion Digital Displays
  • Wallscapes
  • Experiential Marketing Events

With locations that deliver significant international reach and appeal, Clear Channel Outdoor covers the full range of available activation opportunities (LED, extensions, neon lettering, 3D props),  in-house creative services and start-to-finish project management producing high-impact executions for an audience on the go.
Our billboards allow for unique opportunities in Times Square with roadblocks (owning full share for an extended period of time) and sync (one advertiser dominates all 6 screens simultaneously). We are the only Times Square media company who can offer the sync capability.

For more information, please contact:
Josh Scharfberg
Vice President, Sales
Additional information can be found HERE.

Express Screen (1552 Broadway Avenue)

The four Express screens are located directly beside Father Duffy Square, starting from ground level up to 18 stories tall. It is a revolutionary LED display that alters the face of the iconic area.

The screens can be controlled either independently, together, or any combination in between, and can be seen from all locations in the Bow Tie.

For more information, please contact:

Katherine Grego
Director of Operations
(905) 901-3196

Additional information can be found at


JCDecaux’s large format, street-level digital newsstand network footprint provides advertisers with multiple touch points throughout Times Square. Delivering HD full motion video, JCDecaux’s digital newsstands support all types of content, from dynamic updates, to live feeds, to full interactive programs.
Additional information can be found at

Neutron Media at 1500 Broadway & West 43rd Street

Neutron Media’s Digital Signage display is a state-of-the-art, High Definition, two-sided screen and has the capability of running two separate images. The Mega Screen, also known as the ‘Broadway Spectacular’, is strategically located five flights above street level at 1500 Broadway & West 43rd Street in the heart of the Times Square Plaza. It is situated across from the iconic NASDAQ and right across from 1 Times Square Plaza, where the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. The Broadway Spectacular stands alone, without neighboring screens to clutter the message. At night, it looks as though it is floating!

The Broadway Spectacular is 56’ wide and 29’ high. The screen is visible to commuters coming from one of the busiest transit stations on the planet and to pedestrians approaching from Hell’s Kitchen, from Chase Manhattan Bank on 7th Avenue, and the pedestrian area on Broadway.

Neutron offers:

  • Outdoor Digital Signage solutions.
  • The skill and technology to build you an amazing commercial, should you require it, which will promote your message with pride. Neutron has an in-house post-production facility which can create a dynamic spot using creative materials and direction provided by the client.
  • The ability to give your brand power and prestige with exposure through such a unique venue!

For more information, please contact:
Michael Cain, Senior Director of Operations
1-647-258-0059, ext. 223.
Please visit our website at: www.Neutron.Media.

New Tradition – One Times Square

One Times Square – the internationally-recognized home of the New Year's Eve Ball – offers the most valuable advertising opportunity in the world. Prominently located in the heart of Times Square, this dynamic signage provides premium, center-stage exposure with full-motion, live-streaming, and interactive capabilities. In early 2019, for the first time in history, New Tradition transformed the bottom 3 screens into one larger-than-life screen dubbed "The 1." At 200 feet tall, this massive digital spectacular is unmissable as it towers over midtown Manhattan, targeting over 5 blocks of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The top 3 screens were also enhanced and reintroduced in 2019 as "The Countdown," due to their paramount role in the annual New Year's Eve ball drop. As the official backdrop of this iconic event, One Times Square emphatically rings in the new year along with over a million people in the square and 1+ billion watching around the world. These unmatched digital spectaculars reach millions of daily visitors and billions of online, print, and television viewers year-round – making this the #1 Geopath-rated OOH signage in America.

For more information, please contact:

Lu Cerda
Managing Partner

Vince Mastria
Managing Partner


In the heart of the bowtie, these state of the art units broadcast your message to both south and northbound traffic.

OUTFRONT Media at 1515 Broadway

Bookending the façade of 1515 Broadway just two stories above the sidewalk, these units present a powerful angled read. Powered by the most sophisticated technologies, including full interactive capabilities, these units turn the crowds of Times Square into active participants with your brand.

OUTFRONT Media at 1500 Broadway

Full-motion, high-resolution digital spectacular located across from One Times Square – site of the New Year's Eve Ball Drop – in the heart of Times Square’s bowtie. Positioned directly above the Broadway Pedestrian Plaza, this digital display targets the huge crowds that flow thru the area, as well as southbound vehicular traffic on Seventh Ave.

For sales information, please contact:

Doug Penner
General Manager New York
212-297-6597 or M 908-421-6495

For real estate information, please contact:

Rebecca Rogers, Real Estate Manager New York

Additional information can be found at

Sherwood Outdoor

Offering iconic branding opportunities at both the north and south ends of Times Square.

Additional information can be found at

Silvercast Media

Sitting smack in the middle of Times Square, above the newly renovated Pedestrian Plaza, this spectacular digital sign is beyond impressive. It stretches an entire city block, offers approximately 15,000 square feet of advertising surface that leaves a permanent impression on all pedestrian and vehicular traffic that comes in its path.

For more information, please contact:

Gary Grossman
(212) 634-0980

Additional information can be found at

Times Square Spectacular at 1540 Broadway

The Times Square Spectacular digital billboard will "wow" visitors as it soars 68 feet above Times Square in the heart of the Bowtie. Stretching three stories high and encompassing 1,708 square feet, the bright beacon showcases new and exclusive content from the Walt Disney Company, as well as unique third party content, 24 hours a day/365 days a year. The display’s playback system capabilities include, but is not limited to these exciting experiences:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Interactive Virtual Reality and Character Templates
  • Hi-Res Live Streaming
  • Motion-Based Games and Audio Content (with mobile device)
  • Environmental Interactive Content
  • Social Media Interactivity
  • Countdown Functions
  • Special Events (with and without possible interactivity with Disney store)

For more information, please contact:

Adam Polcek, Vice President of Sales
77 West 67th Street
New York, NY 10023


Advertise on Times Square Movie Screens

Advertise at the Movies with NCM Media Networks!  Offering a dominating platform for advertisers. From our world-class pre-feature show, FirstLook, to engaging and interactive lobby promotions and The Lobby Entertainment Network (LEN), NCM offers unparalleled branding and experiential marketing platforms that no other network can match.

Learn how to get on-screen in Times Square:

Call 1-800-SCREEN1