Take the pulse of Times Square. Access our archive of past reports, including annual indicator reports, overviews of the Alliance’s work, and financial statements, in order to chart the long-term evolution of one of New York’s most exciting neighborhoods. 


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Scroll down to view annual reports from the 1990s through today, as we marked the 100th birthday of Times Square, celebrated old events and created new ones, reimagined the pedestrian environment of Times Square, moved forward with the renovation of the Broadway Plazas, watched the development of new buildings, and more.


The world returned to Times Square in 2022. The Times Square Alliance led the way, encouraging and inspiring 300,000 people a day (closer to 400,000 on many days) to reconnect with the heart and soul of our city. The 2023 Annual Report covers the services we've provided as well as the year in review.

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The 2022 Annual Report covers the return of Broadway and international tourists; the in-person celebrations of Solstice and New Year's Eve; the creation of Community First in partnership with Midtown Community Court, Breaking Ground, and Fountain House; highlights of district activity; upcoming objectives for 42nd Street, Restaurant Row, and 8th Avenue; our FY2023 focus areas; and more.

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The information presented at our 2021 virtual Annual Public Meeting covers statistics from a year of the pandemic, responses to our pandemic-focused stakeholder survey, short-term and long-term recovery plans, the Community First program, and more.

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2020 part 2

The information presented at our 2020 virtual Annual Public Meeting included both the state of the district as well as challenges and proposed immediate actions for various facets of the Alliance over the next 3–6 months and 12–18 months.

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Due to COVID-19, the Times Square Alliance postponed its Annual Public Meeting until a later date. Nonetheless, we still hosted a virtual hearing on April 27, 2020 to present our FY2021 budget, along with our current programmatic plans in the context of the COVID-19 situation.

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Our 2019 report provides a deep dive into findings from the Alliance's latest Attitude Survey, offering insights into the way New Yorkers - and the rest of the world - perceive Times Square.

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The updated Vision for Times Square booklet celebrates the art and culture of Times Square, including renderings of custom-designed plaza furnishings, as well as curated partnerships and programming.

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Our Vision for Times Square booklet, created by the Alliance for our 2017 Annual Public Meeting, outlines the work we're doing to ensure Times Square remains a place by, of and for New Yorkers, that we can then share proudly with the rest of the world.

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Our 2016 report articulates a vision for the soon-to-be-finished plazas, highlights new programming possibilities, and outlines efforts to regulate commercial activity in Times Square.

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Our 2015 report provides updates on the work of the Times Square Task Force, takes a look at what visitors are doing, and asks stakeholders to articulate their dreams and nightmares for Times Square.

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Released for the Times Square Alliance Annual Public Meeting on April 28, 2014, this postcard series provides a snapshot of a year in Times Square.

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Released in 2012, this report looks back at two decades of work by the Alliance to improve, promote, and maintain the cultural icon that is Times Square.

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Our 2010 report offers key updates on real estate, research and programming one year after Broadway was closed to traffic.

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Our 2008 report offers key updates on real estate, research and programming, as well as an overview of the recently completed Duffy Square renovation and red steps.

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Our 2007 report offers key updates on real estate, research and programming, amidst the Alliance's ongoing efforts to improve the pedestrian experience in Times Square.

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Our 2006 report discusses pedestrian overcrowding and other public space principles and problems.

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Our 2004 report celebrates a century of Times Square and reimagines the pedestrian environment with new thoughts from the Design Trust Workshops and practical solutions.

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